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2 Gallon Wall-Mountable Air Compressor | Campbell Hausfeld FP205299AV
Campbell Hausfeld FP205299AV
by Campbell Hausfeld

2-gallon tank adds greater stored air capacity
Up to 50% quieter than competitive models for a more comfortable work environment
On-board accessory storage keeps small accessories organized and readily available
Hose management system keeps hose coiled when not in use for easy transportation and compact storage
Using the included hardware, the compressor can be wall-mounted freeing up valuable work space

found in FP205299AV's reviews:
Wall mount air compressor - While it is nice to have the compressor mounted on the wall and up off the floor, this one does not have the performance I had hoped for. It is more nosey then I thought it would be, the tank is too small. It seems like the compressor is always running. I wish I had bought a larger compressor for the same money at Sears.
Quick Flow 3-in-1 Air Compressor | Wagan 2014
Wagan 2014
$29.99 >> $17.49
by Wagan

Comes with 10-foot power cord that plugs into 12-volt car cigarette lighter
Comes with 1 sports needle and 2 nozzle adapters
Inflates average tires in 5-7 minutes
Built-in work/emergency light
275 PSI high pressure air compressor

found in 2014's description: com Review
It's about time somebody came out with one of these--hats off to Wagan! It's small, light, inexpensive, and needs only a 12-volt power supply. As small as it is, the Wagan will fully inflate a vehicle tire as well as the little stuff like basketballs, beach floats, and inflatable boats. We doubt you'll be able to find a more versatile compressor for the price. --Kris Jensen-Van Heste

Product Description
The Wagan 3-in-1 Air Compressor is perfect for vehicles, bike tires, balls, air mattress, and more. The special features include a high pressure compressor that generates 275 PSI, high air flow inflator for quick inflation, built-in light, and pressure gauge. Its small enough to keep in your trunk or on your garage shelf.

Product Description
Handy portable air pump runs from the car cigarette lighter. Be prepared for the unexpected with 12V tire air inflators. Air Pump Inflates: Bike Tires, Car Tires (SUV, Truck), Athletic Balls, Air Mattresses, Rafts, Inflatable Furniture, Air Tools. Air Pressure (max)of Tire Inflator: 275PSI Special Features of this 12 Volt Auto Air Inflator: High Pressure 275 PSI High Air Flow Inflator Built-in Work light/Emergency light Inflates average sized tires (16') in 5-10 minutes Pressure Gauge Reader Continuous Usage Time: Tire Inflator Has A Heavy Duty Motor. Accessories: 3 Nozzle adapters: collar, tire inflator nozzle, sports needle 12V Power Cord: 10 ft cord High Pressure Air Hose: 14' Air Hose with quick release valve connector Power Source of Tire Inflators: 12V cigarette lighter accessory receptacle Low Power Consumption.
found in 2014's reviews:


Pattern Pistol with Electric Compressor | Goldblatt Trowel Trade Tools GB13300
Stanley Hand Tools GB13300
by Stanley Hand Tools

Comes complete with gun and hopper, compressor, electric motor, 50' of air hose, 25' power cord, 2-wheel dolly and instructions
Two interchangeable air stem nozzles to double the range of patterns and spray pressure
Cool running, 1 HP capacitor-start electric motor drives a rotary vane compressor that produces up to 30 psi when used with 3/32" air nozzle

found in GB13300's reviews:
Goldblatt Pattern Pistol and Hopper - I have used this machine for many years without too much trouble, but now that Goldblatt went south I am having a hard time finding repair parts. For small jobs it is excellant, and I have used it in a pinch for a whole house.
2-1/2 HP Electric Master Series Compressor | Emglo M990-HC4V
Emglo M990-HC4V
by Emglo

One-year warranty
Requires 20 amp circuit breaker
Delivers 5.2 cfm at 125 psi
Powerful 2-1/2 hp electric motor

found in M990-HC4V's reviews:
Very good - with provisos - Just received my M990 compressor after my local small engine repair shop recommended it over others. Plenty of power, great pressure and set up for two air hoses right out of the box. provided excellent assistance, bottom line however is that it needed to go to the local repair shop for warranty work.
2 HP Electric Air-Mate Compressor | Emglo AM700-HC4V
Emglo AM700-HC4V
by Emglo

One-year warranty
Automatic start/stop
Overload protected, low amp draw
Delivers 2.6 cfm at 125 psi
Powerful 2 hp electric motor
2 HP Electric Air-Mate Compressor | Emglo AM780-HC4V
Emglo AM780-HC4V
by Emglo

One-year warranty
Rugged cast-iron cylinder
Performs at above average working pressures
Delivers 3.6 cfm at 125 psi
Powerful 2 hp electric motor

found in AM780-HC4V's reviews:
The compressor I've aways wanted. - I have been looking for a small compressor for my home shop and after an exhastive search I have found it. So far the compressor has exceeded my expectations. It is a small and inexpesive item but one of those nice touches that would give Emglo better P.
Great But ... - I have several compressors, but since this is light and runs on 15 am circuits it is the preference for small volume needs such as small nail guns, tires and especially jobs where transporting the compressor is required. Example, a framer and helper will easily outrun the production capability of the compressor with one gun. On a hot day with poor air circulation the motor start capacitor blew. Since this was the only issue with the tool I decided it made sense to repair. My standard motor repair shop wouldn't touch it. The Emglo repair center wanted an exhorbitant amount for the capacitor ($$). The time I spent calling around and shopping for the replacement part far exceeded the value of simply replacing the compressor unit.
2 HP Electric Master Series Compressor | Emglo M790-HC4V
Emglo M790-HC4V
by Emglo

One-year warranty
Rugged cast-iron cylinder
High-profile gauge panel
Delivers 3.6 cfm at 125 psi
Powerful 2 hp electric motor
2 HP 14.1 Amp Electric Master Series Compressor | Emglo M800-HC4V
Emglo M800-HC4V
by Emglo

One-year warranty
Features 1/4 NPT soft seat drain valve
Rugged cast-iron cylinder provides maximum durability
Integrated high-profile panel houses regulator gauges and universal quick couplers
Powerful 2-horsepower electric motor delivers 3.8 cfm at 125 psi

found in M800-HC4V's reviews:
6 Amp 3/4 Horsepower 2 Gallon Oil-Free Hot Dog Compressor | Thomas Compressors T-635HD
Thomas Compressors T-635HD
$369.00 >> $279.00
by Thomas Compressors

Long life, contractor quality machine - rated for continuous use
Low amp draw - works on 15 amp circuits and with extension cords
Versatile - offers framing, roofing or finish gun capability
3/4 Horsepower - delivers 1.7 cfm at 100 psi.
Lightweight and portable, only 26 pounds

found in T-635HD's description: From the Manufacturer
Thomas Industries T-635HD is a quiet running (69-decibel) 3/4 HP compressor that is both portable and versatile. Other uses include, tire inflating, painting, airbrushing, small air tools, and winterizing water lines and RV's.
found in T-635HD's reviews:
Its a blessing - It is ideal for any small project contactor. You can use a framer with it, its very quiet, its light, it recompresses quickly, and has low electrical draw. Spare your back one less heavy thing to pick up all the time and get one of these wonderfully engineered compressors.
Light weight professional grade compressor for small jobs - I was looking for a portable and not overly loud air compressor, for my low air-volume tools. I had a 4-gallon pancake compressor for several years, but at 70 lbs. It's also very small: 16" long, 17. Although it hardly qualifies as "quiet", it isn't nearly as noisy as other compressors I've heard. I installed a 16" stainless steel braided faucet plumbing hose on the compressor's air-outlet port; routed the hose out the back under the motor support, and screwed on a quick disconnect coupling. Because the tank is only 2 gallons (to keep weight/bulk down), the pump comes on more often than on larger units, but when it does, it's only on for about 12 seconds (if you're not using air). Translation: the compressor can be used continuously, without letup. Some compressors have only a 50% duty cycle, which means you shouldn't run it more than 30 minutes for every hour used, as that could cause excessive wear on the pump and/or motor.

You'd want a bigger unit if you had two roofing or stud-nailers going, but for low-air-volume requirements such as trim work, this little Thomas unit is just about perfect.

September 2006 update:

While working on a home renovation project, the compressor's low air pressure switch clicked, but the motor didn't start. By the time I got to the compressor, the motor was smoking, literally.

Compressors/Thomas T-635HD - Light weight, dependable; and quiet! This is what I was looking for in a compressor.and this is why I specifically went looking for Thomas Compressors.Since then I have been waiting for my Emglo to get retired so I too can be a proud owner of a Thomas T-635HD

One thing that I did not like when my Thomas T-635HD arrived was a real lack of directions to assemble the few parts that did need to be put on before operation, but anyone with common knowlege of compressors will figure it out.

This compressor is not intended for HIGH-PRODUCTION ie. if you are in the market for a compressor that is small,light;and dependabley quiet. Your search has ended here !

Don't get fooled by tool packs that come with nail gun, air-hose and compressor in one deal you will be looking for a new compressor soon.

3 HP 4.2 GAL Tank Electric Compressor | Grip-Rite GR2500
$399.00 >> $299.97

Max psi 135
Amp draw 14.8
Tank Capacity 4.2 gallon
On/Off psi 105/135
HP Peak 3

found in GR2500's description: 2 GAL tank Electric Compressor - GR2500 3 HP 4.2 GAL tank Electric Compressor The Grip-Rite GR2500 offers the professional contractor a compressor that will handle any task.5 horsepower (running) compressor is powerful enough to keep up to three framers or roofers working all day. For lighter finish work, it can supply air for four or more workers. Product Features Supports three framers or roofers working all day Electric, direct drive and splash-lubricated Powerd by Speroni pumps Short pump-up time of approximately 55 seconds Quick, 14 second recovery time Start-up relief valve for easier starting and minimized cold-start amperage draw 3,400 RPM Heavy-duty pressure switch and durable metal guages Limited 12 month warranty Product Specifications HP Peak: 3 On/Off PSI: 105-135 Max PSI: 135 RPM: 3,400 Tank Capacity (gallons): 4.
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