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13.5 Amp 2 Horsepower 4 Gallon Oil-Free Twin Hot Dog Compressor | Thomas Compressors T-2820ST
Thomas Compressors T-2820ST
$649.00 >> $489.00
by Thomas Compressors

20 by 15.6 by 16.5; 71 pounds; 5-year warranty on electrical components
Includes manual
Durable cast iron
5 cfm at 100 psi; quiet 74 dB; 2-cylinder in-line design
13-1/2 amp, 2-horsepower, 4-gallon, oil-free twin hot dog compressor

found in T-2820ST's description: Often called "The Cadillac of Portables" it sets the standard on what 2 HP compressors should be.
found in T-2820ST's reviews:
The best portable compressor availible - We use these compressors everyday.
We came to like the low weight (lighter than any of our single cylinder compressors) and the fact that it is quieter than out pancake compressors.

The Cadillac of portable air compressors - extension cords can be used); this is the Cadillac of portable compressors. The paint job on the tanks could be better and air fittings could be included, but those are minor issues.
This is a keeper! - I've used it for air guns, various types of light and heavy duty nail guns, and shop tools. Very quiet compared to other compressors of the same size, but compressors will never be mistaken for a 'silent' partner.
Thomas Compressors 900 3 Amp 1/15th Horsepower Tankless Diaphragm Compressor
Thomas Compressors 900XXX
$151.90 >> $111.26
by Thomas Compressors

Die-cast aluminum construction
Ideal for airbrushing
Max pressure 35-40 psi
lightweight - 8 lbs.
1/15th HP - diaphragm compressor
Renegade 13 1 Horsepower Oil-Free 4 Gallon Twin Hot Dog Compressor | Thomas Compressors T-100ST
Thomas Compressors T-100ST
$449.00 >> $350.57
by Thomas Compressors

Slow turning 1700 rpm motor draws 13 amps
LIFEGUARD? dirt deflector, eliminates dirt, improves cooling
Quiet running - 75 dba
Higher tank pressure - 135 psi
1 HP - delivers 3.1 cfm @ 100 psi
15 Amp 2 Horsepower 20 Gallon Oiled Wheeled Single Tank Compressor | Campbell Hausfeld VT6290
Campbell Hausfeld VT6290
$457.71 >> $409.99
by Campbell Hausfeld

Fully enclosed protective belt guard with "Directed" cooling fan.
5 HP Peak motor provides significant air flow. Operates on 120/240 volt service. Pre-wired for 120V.
Unique product design from the largest manufacturer of reliable and durable, single stage CAST IRON pumps in the USA
20 Gallon ASME code tank for tough jobs.
Rugged Cast Iron two cylinder pump provides up to 5,000 hours of extended life. Oil-Lubricated pump has a traditional design that is quieter and longer lasting.

found in VT6290's description: From the Manufacturer
The VT6290, 2 Running HP, wired for household current delivers enough air power to tackle tough jobs. Solid cast iron units are up to 35% quieter than aluminum units with cast iron cylinder sleeves, and dramatically quieter than direct drive aluminum compressors. These compressors are made in the US with a 3 year warranty.

Product Description
mfr: Campbell Hausfeld Air Products Campbell Hausfeld is a recognized leader in the home improvement and automotive industry.

4 Amp 1/2 Horsepower 2 Gallon Oil-Free Hot Dog Compressor | Thomas Compressors T-617HDN
Thomas Compressors T-617HDN
$349.00 >> $279.68
by Thomas Compressors

Contractor quality machine - rated for continuous use.
Lightweight and portable - only 26 lbs.
Low 4 amp draw - will operate anywhere
Will operate any (1) finish gun or brad nailer
The quietest finish/trim compressor on the market

found in T-617HDN's description: Additional uses include, airbrushing, inflating tires, air mattresses, sports equipment, and winterizing RV's and motor homes.
found in T-617HDN's reviews:
When Quality & Quiet Matter More Than Price & Power - I researched compressors carefully around town and on the Web. Compressors available at the Borg and various local tool shops are gawdawful loud, heavy, and look to be made of cheap plastic and pot metal. The unit is light enough to carry around easily, and its shape rides comfortably beside your walking legs (unlike pancake compressors). It really doesn't put out or hold much air.
Great little compressor! - I have several compressors - from a commercial "giant" model - down to this newest addition. I only needed this to air up the tires (75 psi on the trailer and 85 psi on the fronts of the truck) and the occasional "blow gun" for clean up.
6 Amp 3/4 Horsepower 2 Gallon Oil-Free Hot Dog Compressor | Thomas Compressors T-635HD
Thomas Compressors T-635HD
$369.00 >> $279.00
by Thomas Compressors

Long life, contractor quality machine - rated for continuous use
Low amp draw - works on 15 amp circuits and with extension cords
Versatile - offers framing, roofing or finish gun capability
3/4 Horsepower - delivers 1.7 cfm at 100 psi.
Lightweight and portable, only 26 pounds

found in T-635HD's description: Other uses include, tire inflating, painting, airbrushing, small air tools, and winterizing water lines and RV's.
found in T-635HD's reviews:
Compressors/Thomas T-635HD - and this is why I specifically went looking for Thomas Compressors.Since then I have been waiting for my Emglo to get retired so I too can be a proud owner of a Thomas T-635HD

One thing that I did not like when my Thomas T-635HD arrived was a real lack of directions to assemble the few parts that did need to be put on before operation, but anyone with common knowlege of compressors will figure it out. Your search has ended here !

Don't get fooled by tool packs that come with nail gun, air-hose and compressor in one deal you will be looking for a new compressor soon.

Its a blessing - Spare your back one less heavy thing to pick up all the time and get one of these wonderfully engineered compressors.
Light weight professional grade compressor for small jobs - I was looking for a portable and not overly loud air compressor, for my low air-volume tools. Although it hardly qualifies as "quiet", it isn't nearly as noisy as other compressors I've heard. I installed a 16" stainless steel braided faucet plumbing hose on the compressor's air-outlet port; routed the hose out the back under the motor support, and screwed on a quick disconnect coupling. Because the tank is only 2 gallons (to keep weight/bulk down), the pump comes on more often than on larger units, but when it does, it's only on for about 12 seconds (if you're not using air). Some compressors have only a 50% duty cycle, which means you shouldn't run it more than 30 minutes for every hour used, as that could cause excessive wear on the pump and/or motor.

You'd want a bigger unit if you had two roofing or stud-nailers going, but for low-air-volume requirements such as trim work, this little Thomas unit is just about perfect.

September 2006 update:

While working on a home renovation project, the compressor's low air pressure switch clicked, but the motor didn't start.

10 Amp 1 Horsepower 3 Gallon Oil-Free Single Hot Dog Compressor | Thomas Compressors T-35HD
Thomas Compressors T-35HD
by Thomas Compressors

Long life, contractor quality, rated for continuous use.
Low 10 amp draw - works on cords.
Quiet running - use indoors or out
Lightweight and portable, only 43 lbs
1 HP - 2.5 cfm @ 100 psi
Portable Compressor | Key Parts HV40
Q Industries HV40
$39.99 >> $26.67
by Q Industries

Carrying Bag included
Ideal for trucks and medium size vehicles.
150 psi Air compressor
Inflate tire in less than 3 minutes

found in HV40's description: Product Description
Air Compressor: Portable Air Compressor; HV 40

Product Description
Great for occasional use to have in your vehicle?s trunk for those emergency moments, adapters included for those times at the beach or park to inflate sports equipment. This streamlined, sturdy air compressor is perfect for cars and other standard-sized vehicles and is designed for day-to-day use, from blowing up balls to inflating low tires. The MF-1040's powerful 12-volts and 150 PSI capacity is comparable to other higher-priced compressors. For everyday use to inflate tires, sport equipments, air mattresses.
5-1/2 Horsepower Oiled Wheeled Twin Pontoon Gas Compressor | Thomas Compressors TG-550H
Thomas Compressors TG-550H
$1,149.00 >> $933.42
by Thomas Compressors

Honda 5.5 HP GX160 Engine with low oil shut down
Automatic idle down control
Direct-drive design - no adjustments
Lightweight - only 96 lbs.
12 cfm at 100 psi - 8 HP performance, 5.5 HP price

found in TG-550H's description: ) and with air delivery of 12. The compressor never needs adjustment and air delivery remains contant, there is no loss of performance due to belt stretching or slippage.
Air Compressor 2 HP 4 GAL Tank Electric Compressor | Grip-Rite GR254CTS
$299.00 >> $239.97

Draw(amps): 14.2
Tank Capacity (gallons): 4.3
On/Off PSI: 95-125
HP Peak: 2.5

found in GR254CTS's description: Product Description
Grip-Rite Air Compressors 2 HP 4 GAL tank Electric Compressor This compressor is made specifically for the demanding professional.5 peak horsepower motor will supply plenty of air to keep the busiest roofing and framing crews going all day.
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