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4 Amp 1/2 Horsepower 2 Gallon Oil-Free Hot Dog Compressor | Thomas Compressors T-617HDN
Thomas Compressors T-617HDN
$349.00 >> $279.68
by Thomas Compressors

Contractor quality machine - rated for continuous use.
Lightweight and portable - only 26 lbs.
Low 4 amp draw - will operate anywhere
Will operate any (1) finish gun or brad nailer
The quietest finish/trim compressor on the market

found in T-617HDN's description: From the Manufacturer
The super quiet (60 decibel) T-617HDN is the hands down favorite for those that want a quiet running, long life compressor capable of handling any (1) finish gun or brad nailer. Drawing less than 4 amps and weighing only 26 pounds it is extremely portable and will run anywhere electricity is available. Additional uses include, airbrushing, inflating tires, air mattresses, sports equipment, and winterizing RV's and motor homes.
4.2 Amp 1 Horsepower 1 Gallon Oil-Free Single Hot Dog Compressor | Palmgren 92111
Palmgren 92111
$129.99 >> $131.72
by Palmgren

Die cast aluminum pump with cast iron sleeve (oilless)
Compact design very lightweight
Direct drive
Oilless pump has sealed bearings on all reciprocating parts and Teflon-impregnated piston rings to reduce friction
Manual reset overload protection

found in 92111's description: From the Manufacturer
This Palmgren DIY Series Air Compressor is perfect for the at-home hobbyist or for contractors who need a portable pneumatic power source, and it is oilless for maintenance-free operation. Compressor consists of a 1HP motor, single cylinder, single stage aluminum air compressor pump and a 1 gallon air tank. The pump runs very quietly, so that the compressor can be used in the same area that the work is taking place. Compressor is light weight and portable.
found in 92111's reviews:
Palmgren bought for use in RV - If you need a portable unit with more punch than a battery powered compressor, this will do it!.
6 Amp 3/4 Horsepower 2 Gallon Oil-Free Hot Dog Compressor | Thomas Compressors T-635HD
Thomas Compressors T-635HD
$369.00 >> $279.00
by Thomas Compressors

Long life, contractor quality machine - rated for continuous use
Low amp draw - works on 15 amp circuits and with extension cords
Versatile - offers framing, roofing or finish gun capability
3/4 Horsepower - delivers 1.7 cfm at 100 psi.
Lightweight and portable, only 26 pounds

found in T-635HD's description: From the Manufacturer
Thomas Industries T-635HD is a quiet running (69-decibel) 3/4 HP compressor that is both portable and versatile. Other uses include, tire inflating, painting, airbrushing, small air tools, and winterizing water lines and RV's.
found in T-635HD's reviews:
Light weight professional grade compressor for small jobs - I was looking for a portable and not overly loud air compressor, for my low air-volume tools. I had a 4-gallon pancake compressor for several years, but at 70 lbs. -- much more portable than the pancake unit.

My third attempt at a portable was the winner. Although it hardly qualifies as "quiet", it isn't nearly as noisy as other compressors I've heard. I installed a 16" stainless steel braided faucet plumbing hose on the compressor's air-outlet port; routed the hose out the back under the motor support, and screwed on a quick disconnect coupling. Because the tank is only 2 gallons (to keep weight/bulk down), the pump comes on more often than on larger units, but when it does, it's only on for about 12 seconds (if you're not using air). Translation: the compressor can be used continuously, without letup. Some compressors have only a 50% duty cycle, which means you shouldn't run it more than 30 minutes for every hour used, as that could cause excessive wear on the pump and/or motor.

You'd want a bigger unit if you had two roofing or stud-nailers going, but for low-air-volume requirements such as trim work, this little Thomas unit is just about perfect. If you can afford the best and need a truly portable machine, this is it.

September 2006 update:

While working on a home renovation project, the compressor's low air pressure switch clicked, but the motor didn't start. By the time I got to the compressor, the motor was smoking, literally.

Heavy Duty 15 Gallon Heavy Duty Wheeled Portable Workshop Compressor | DEWALT D55168
Dewalt D55168
$619.00 >> $359.00
by Dewalt

Efficient high pressure motor allows the compressor to be run with an extension cord due to the low amp draw of the compressor
Oil free, maintenance free pump, for convenient use
Efficient high pressure technology allows for longer pump and motor life
5.4 SCFM @ 90 PSI allows for quick compressor recovery time
200 PSI max pressure allows for longer air tool run time

found in D55168's description: From the Manufacturer
The DeWALT D55168 is heavy-duty, 200 PSI, 15 gallon, vertical portable, 120 volt electric, workshop compressor built to stand up to the needs to the most demanding workshop end user.  Ideal for automotive and equipment maintenance, auto restoration, and woodworking applications, the D55168 can easily operate high air consumptions air tools such as: impact wrenches, ratchet wrenches, paint sprayers, and air sanders.  In addition, the D55168 features a typical robust DeWALT design that features a roll cage and metal panel that protect the compressors critical components.  Finally, the D55168 features a design that is significantly more compact than other wheeled portable in the market place.
Portable Compressor | Key Parts HV40
Q Industries HV40
$39.99 >> $26.67
by Q Industries

Carrying Bag included
Ideal for trucks and medium size vehicles.
150 psi Air compressor
Inflate tire in less than 3 minutes

found in HV40's description: Product Description
Air Compressor: Portable Air Compressor; HV 40

Product Description
Great for occasional use to have in your vehicle?s trunk for those emergency moments, adapters included for those times at the beach or park to inflate sports equipment. This streamlined, sturdy air compressor is perfect for cars and other standard-sized vehicles and is designed for day-to-day use, from blowing up balls to inflating low tires. The MF-1040's powerful 12-volts and 150 PSI capacity is comparable to other higher-priced compressors. 10 ft power cord to reach around the vehicle, detachable hose 16 ft long to connect from compressor to tire. For everyday use to inflate tires, sport equipments, air mattresses.
found in HV40's reviews:
Excellent portable compressor - Inflates faster then any other 12v cigarette lighter powered compressor I've used while also being quieter and with less vibration. The only minor annoyance is the air hose must be detached to store in the supplied storage bag and reattached prior to each use.
XPower Powerpack 300 Plus Portable Backup Power Source | Xantrex 852-1840
Xantrex Technologies 852-1840
by Xantrex Technologies

Built-in emergency light for illumination at home or on the road
Vehicle jumper cables
250 psi air compressor for inflating tires and sports equipment
Operates 115-volt AC or 12-volt DC products anywhere
Provides up to 300 watts of AC power

found in 852-1840's reviews:
Does what it was made to do - I don't know what the people are thinking that give this item a one and two star rating because it isn't a gasoline-powered portable generator. No where in the description does it say it's a gas-powered generator, and these people are belittling a product that they bought because they made a mistake by not researching what the product was and because they don't seem to know the difference between a portable power-pack and a real generator. This is a battery powered portable power unit, first and foremost. They put a small compressor on it and it works fine for emergencies, but it's not meant to inflate tires all the time like a Campbell-Hausfield 10-hp dual-stage compressor with 50-gallon tank, it's an emergency convenience, and that's the point that should be remembered. If you want to run your TV, air-conditioner, hot-water heater, well pump, washer/dryer, dishwasher, home theater system, or refridgerator, then buy a gasoline powered generator instead.
pleasant surprise - I'm very pleased with the portable XPowerpack 300 Plus.
It's a battery, not a generator - And if you want a portable battery/charger package for running accessories and emergency car starting, there are better units.
Doesn't hold a charge! -

I love the idea Xantrex had for a portable electronic generator, however their execution came up a little short on this one.

4 Horsepower 4 Gallon Oiled Twin Hot Dog Gas Compressor | DeWalt D55250
DeWalt D55250
$1,539.18 >> $692.00
by DeWalt

Protected components for maximum durability
Oil lubricated pump allows for long life
Low oil shut off provides greater engine protection
Automatic idle control for reduced fuel consumption
4 HP Honda GX gas engine provides proven reliability and durability

found in D55250's description: Product Description
4 HP, 4 Gallon, Gas Twin Stack Compressor, High Volume Air Output 4.5 CFM @ 100 PSI, Portable Air Power Honda 4 HP Gas, Automatic Throttle Idle Control, Direct Drive Pump For Improved Portability, Oil Lubricated Improved Compressor Life.
found in D55250's reviews:
Incredible cfm for weight! - I bought this compressor for use in heavy commercial construction. It is more portable than the wheelbarrow compressors and can be put in the back of a pickup truck (unit is no feather weight though --- about 70 lbs!) This compressor has the best of all features--- reliable Honda engine, reliable Emglo compressor, overbuilt protective frame and quality gauges and quick connects make this an outstanding compressor. Most compressors capable of running two frame nailers draw enough power that it will constantly trip the the breaker on a temporary service pole unless run on 240 volts. With the gasoline compressor, all you have to do is make sure it has fuel and start it up! No extension cords and no more tripped breakers! We have used this compressor to run two paslode frame nailers shooting down 5/8" plywood nailed every 3" around the perimeter (120 mph rating) and this little guy could amazingly keep up! The compressor isn't louder than the DeWalt electric counterpart when running and the Honda engine means it will run for many years to come. Go buy a lighter,less expensive compressor for the finish guns. This machine is meant to turn out a much more substantial amount of air!

The only downside to this compressor is the price and its weight. That is a lot of money to shell over for a machine that does nothing more than compress air! But, then again, would you really be reading this if all you needed was an average duty Lowe's variety compressor? And if you have a pickup, leave the unit in the back and let it run. compressor up. It seems like they could have trimmed a few more pounds off the compressor and a few more dollars!

If you have any questions, e-mail me (Azul005@aol.

10 Amp 1 Horsepower 3 Gallon Oil-Free Single Hot Dog Compressor | Thomas Compressors T-35HD
Thomas Compressors T-35HD
by Thomas Compressors

Long life, contractor quality, rated for continuous use.
Low 10 amp draw - works on cords.
Quiet running - use indoors or out
Lightweight and portable, only 43 lbs
1 HP - 2.5 cfm @ 100 psi
3HP/ 4 Gallon Oiled Twin Hot Dog Compressor | Stanley Bostitch CWC200ST
Bostitch CWC200ST
$329.99 >> $279.99
by Bostitch

5.1CFM @40 and 4.0CFM @90
Synthetic pump oil for low temp operation
Dual air outlets
Cast iron pump cylinder for extreme durability
3 peak HP 15 amp induction motor

found in CWC200ST's description: From the Manufacturer
3HP Oil Lube Stack Tank Compressor.

Product Description
Portable, electric powered compressor with 3 HP, high output, heavy-duty induction motor.
14 Amp 2-1/2 Horsepower 4-Gallon Oiled Twin Hot Dog Compressor | DeWalt D55151
DeWalt D55151
$449.35 >> $219.99
by DeWalt

18-1/2 by 15 by 16-3/4 inches; 60 pounds; 1-year warranty
Includes DEWALT synthetic compressor oil and pressure regulator
Cylinder constructed of cast iron
Delivers 3.2 cfm at 100 psi; features overload protection to eliminate risk of motor damage
14 amp 2-1/2-horsepower 4-gallon oiled twin hot dog compressor with carrying handle

found in D55151's description: From the Manufacturer
This versatile compressor can perform a multitude of jobs, from roofing to finish to trim to home/hobby applications. The D55151 features an overload-protected, 14 amp, 2-horsepower electric motor in a lightweight portable design. The compressor delivers 3. Includes 3/8-inch regulator and initial fill of DeWalt synthetic air compressor oil.


  • DeWalt synthetic compressor oil
  • Pressure regulator

This DeWalt high-performance industrial tool comes with a warranty package that includes:
30-day, no-risk satisfaction guarantee
One-year free service contract
One-year warranty

Product Description
Portable electric powered compressor with 2 HP, high output motor.

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