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15 Amp 2-1/2 Horsepower 6 Gallon Oiled Pancake Compressor | Bostitch CAP2560OL
Bostitch CAP2560OL
$299.99 >> $299.99
by Bostitch

4.9CFM @40 and 3.6 CFM @90
Synthetic pump oil for low temp operation
Dual air outlets
Cast iron pump cylinder for extreme durability
2.5 peak HP 15 amp induction motor

found in CAP2560OL's description: 5 HP oil lube pancake compressor

Product Description
mfr: STANLEY BOSTITCH 2. OIL LUBE PANCAKE COMPRESSOR Features: Heavy duty induction motor, oil lubricated pump, with synthetic oil included, two outlets included. Air delivery 4. Popular pancake configuration coupled with heavy duty motor.
4 Gallon, 150 PSI, Oil-lube, Mobile Compressor | Porter-Cable C2550
Porter-Cable C2550
$279.00 >> $279.00
by Porter-Cable

Includes 1 year limited warranty on parts and accessories
High-flo air regulator and push to connect coupler
12 Amp current required, 120 Volts/60 Hertz/ 1 phase
150 PSI tank pressure for longer tool run time
2.5 HP (peak)/1.3 HP (running) 4 gallon, mobile contractor ??pancake?? style tank air compressor

found in C2550's description: From the Manufacturer
This 2HP (peak), 4 gallon, oil-lube, pancake design. The High-flo air regulator and 2-port removable console are winning combinations for contractors. Having the ability to remove the console gives the user the opportunity to remote air regulation and gain higher air pressure closer to the job site.
3 HP, 4-Gallon Pancake Compressor | Porter-Cable CPF23400P
Porter-Cable CPF23400P
by Porter-Cable

One Year Warranty
Supports use of all brad and finish nailers and moderate use of framing and roofing nailers
High-flow regulator allows more work at higher pressures
3 hp induction motor for quieter operation
High-pressure technology provides more usable air for longer run time

found in CPF23400P's reviews:
Good Quality, Great Service - There are a lot of pancake compressors on the market, but this one stands out for two reasons. If you're *anywhere* near a medium sized or larger city, spare parts and repair are just a phone call away.
Poor Engineering - Air will leak from the threads of the nipple (as was the case for me) or worse. Pancake compressors due to their top heavy nature can and do rollover, and if this unit rolls onto the gauge side, sooner or later your going to have a major problem. I discovered this design flaw when I plugged my brand new compressor in and a rush of air shot out where the gauge nipple screws to the tank.
A good compressor to get you started. - I found the PC 3HP pancake style to be the best model that fit my needs.

Other than that what can I say - it pumps air. It is fairly loud, but I haven't listened to many other models to make an educated comparison. I have used it quite a bit for high air flow operations, such as blowing off dust / debris and even running an air chisel to bust up concrete. It often runs full time for 5-10 minutes and is able to keep up with air demand. I actually ran a compressed air line out to my garage, so the compressor can stay put in the basement and avoid potential damage from moving it. I used a hand held, air chisel to break up the mortar joints. The compressor was operating at 100% duty cycle for 10-15 minutes at a stretch, but couldn't quite keep up with continuous use of the air chisel. As an last ditch experiment, I bought a 10 gal portable air storage tank, some extra quick disconnect fittings and rigged up a reserve tank in parallel with the 4 gallon PC tank.
Maybe a good compressor, but beware of shipping -

I took the compressor to the local Porter-Cable service center and they tell me the boxes the P-C compressors come in are NOT designed to handle the rigorous treatment of UPS shipping.

7.5 Amp draw 1-1/2 Horsepower 6 Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Compressor with 13 Pie | Porter-Cable C2001-WK
Porter-Cable C2001-WK
by Porter-Cable

81-1/2 by 19-1/4- 13-1/4 inches; 34 pounds; 6-gallon capacity; 1-year warranty
Includes compressor, includes 25-foot coil hose, blow gun and attachments, tire chuck, tire gauge, quick coupler, plugs and Teflon tape, manual
Cast-iron construction
1.5-horsepower; 3-1/4 sfcm; 150 psi max
1-1/2-horsepower 6-gallon pancake-style compressor with 13-piece accessory kit

found in C2001-WK's description: 5 Hp running pancake-style air compressor has a new high pressure design that provides 71-percent more usable air over traditional 125 psi units. The high-flow regulator keeps the tank pressure between 120 PSI and 150 PSI, allowing a greater reserve air capacity. Includes compressor, high flow air regulator and gauges, quick coupler, and instruction manual.)

Product Description
Includes Compressor, High-Flo air regulator and push-to-connect couplers, 13-piece accessory kit (includes 25' coil hose, blow gun and attachments, tire chuck, tire gauge, quick coupler, plugs and Teflon tape), Operating manual.
16 Gauge Finish Nailer 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Compressor | Factory-Reconditioned Porter-Cable CFFN250NR
Porter-Cable CFFN250NR
by Porter-Cable

52 pounds; 1-year warranty
Includes brad nailer, finish nailer, compressor, vinyl air hose, pipe joint tape
Heavy-duty steel construction
Comes with 16-gauge finish nailer, 18-gauge brad nailer, and 6-gallon, 10 amp, oil-free pancake compressor
Factory-reconditioned finish nailer and compressor combo kit

found in CFFN250NR's description: Includes: 1 Porter-Cable 16 gauge, 3/4"�2-1/2" finish nailer kit (FN250B), 1 Porter-Cable 18 gauge, 5/8" �1-1/4" braid nailer kit (BN125A), 1 135 psi, 2hp, 6 gallon pancake style compressor, 1 300 psi, 25' vinyl air hose, 1 air hose fitting, 1/4" male plus coupler, Pipe joint tape.
found in CFFN250NR's reviews:
Great value, looks new to me! - It's a typically noisy pancake compressor, and I don't see it as a heavy-use unit (like for running framing guns), particularly since it is oiless. A pair of earplugs might help keep you sane, though.
10.5 Amp 2 Horsepower 6 Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Compressor | Bostitch CAP2060P
Bostitch CAP2060P
$310.44 >> $208.57
by Bostitch

0-125psi Operating Pressure
Lightweight compact pancake design for easy portability
Large 6 Gallon Tank reduces run time
No Maintenance, high output oil-free pump delivers 3.4CFM @40psi & 2.7cfm @ 90psi
High Efficiency 2.0HP (peak) 1.6HP Running heavy-duty induction motor for long life.

found in CAP2060P's description: And it's light, so you can take it anywhere!


  • Powerful efficient induction motor draws only 10 amps for easy start-up and long life
  • High-performance oil-free pump for reduced maintenance and high air delivery
  • Rugged roll cage protection for extreme job site durability


  • Horsepower: 2.0 Peak
  • Motor Type: Induction
  • Tank Capacity: 6 Gallons
  • PumpType: Oil Free
  • Weight: 51 lbs
  • Air Delivery: @ 40 PSI 3. TANK OIL FREE AIR COMPRESSOR Powerful efficient induction motor draws only 10 amps for easy start-up and long life. High performance oil-free pump for reduced maintenance and high air delivery. Air Delivery: @ 40 PSI 3.
    found in CAP2060P's reviews:
    Disappointing and noisy - Bought this to replace an old pancake compressor. As I have many Bostitch Nailers I was very disappointed with this compressor, the only good thing I can say is that it was fairly inexpensive.
    Very pleased with product - All compressors that put out any volume of air will make noise and each compressor has there on tone of noise.
15 Amp 2 Horsepower 6-Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Compressor | Porter-Cable CPFAC2600P
Porter-Cable CPFAC2600P
$316.16 >> $167.00
by Porter-Cable

32 pounds; 1-year warranty
Includes compressor, ASME safety valve, regulator, gauges, 1/4-inch quick coupler, manual
Cast-iron construction
Provides 3.7 cfm at 40 psi and 2.6 cfm at 90 psi; air-regulator and quick-connect coupler
15 amp, 2-horsepower, 6-gallon oil-free pancake compressor; handle; built-in thermal overload protector

found in CPFAC2600P's description: com Review
This Porter-Cable 2-horsepower, 6-gallon pancake compressor transports easily but has plenty of capacity and power--enough to support heavy use of brad and finish nailers and moderate use of framing nailers. Features include a high-flow regulator, an easy-to-read air pressure gauge, automatic thermal overload protection, an industrial-style quick-connect body in the air outlet, and a long-life motor with replaceable brushes. --Jonathon Tudor

From the Manufacturer
This oil-free 2-hp pancake-style air compressor has a new high pressure design that provides 28-percent more usable air! This allows more run time and less down time. The high-flow regulator keeps the tank pressure between 120 PSI and 150 PSI, allowing a greater reserve air capacity. Includes compressor, high flow air regulator and gauges, quick coupler, and instruction manual.8 HP Running
  • Built-in automatic thermal overload protection
  • Larger Easy to read regulated air pressure gauge
  • Universal, High-FloSM, push-to-connect coupler in air outlet
  • One year warranty
  • 150 PSI - 10 gallon equivalent tank size as compared to conventional 125 PSI model
  • 87 Dba
  • Oil-free pump design for durability and no maintenance
  • Long-life motor with replaceable brushes
  • High-FloSM air regulator for more work at higher pressure (125 PSI start and 150 PSI stop pressure switch)
  • 6 gallon tank supports heavy usage of stapler, brad and finish nailer, standard-to-heavy roofing and standard framing nailer
  • 120 Volt, universal motor starts easily under low voltage conditions
  • Extension cord use without tripping circuit breakers
  • Standard Equipment: Compressor, ASME safety valve, air regulator and gauges, 1/4" quick coupler, and operating manual


    • Lubrication: Oil Free
    • Gauges: 2
    • Quick Couple: 1/4" NPT
    • Weight (Lbs. PSI: 150
    • SCFM Air Delivery @40 PSI: 3.7
    • SCFM Air Delivery @90 PSI: 2.

      Product Description
      2 HP, 6 Gallon, Oil-Free Pancake Air Compressor, 150 PSI Maximum Tank Pressure, 3.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI 87 DBA, 15 AMPS, Built-In Thermal Over Load Protection, Hi-Flo Air Regulator With Quick-Connect Coupler, Regulated Pressure Gauges, Includes ASME Safety Valve, 1 Year Warranty.
      found in CPFAC2600P's reviews:
      porter cable compressor - I purchased the 6 gallon pancake compressor in OCT 03, did not use it until Jan 04, used for (2) months,it is extremely noisy, heats up, stops working after 15-29 minutes of use.
      Little compressor is full of hot air - By his own admission these little oilless pancake jobs are junk.
      Great Little Unit - I bought my Porter Cable pancake compressor over 3 years ago and it hasn't missed a beat.
      Once pneumatic, you never go back - The Porter-Cable 2HP 6-gallon pancake compressor is a reasonably powerful and reasonably portable air compressor. Although many pneumatic tools, such as air hammers, drills, and sanders, consume quite a bit of air (generally in the neighborhood of 5 CFM at 90 PSI), I have found that my PC compressor does just fine with its modest 2. Then again, the noise of the compressor is hardly noticeable above the din of an air hammer, so I'm not sure it really matters.

      If you enjoy using power tools and you have not yet experienced the pleasures of pneumatic gizmos, you should consider purchasing a small but serious compressor like the PC 2HP 6-gallon pancake. It's truly amazing how versatile compressed air is; basically any tool that runs on electricity also comes in a pneumatic version (well, except for arc welders).

      But be warned! If you take the plunge into pneumatic tools, there is an endless stream of items you will find yourself purchasing: air tool lubricants and cleaning kits, in-line oilers, air hoses and gauges, quick connectors, air filters, oil-water separators, Teflon tape, universal air hose joints, air manifolds, blowguns with assorted nozzles, etc.
      A good Specialized Compressor - Now this kind of motor is very powerful for its size and weight, but it cannot match the heavier and larger brush free induction motors of larger compressors.

  • 15 Amp 1 Horsepower 3 Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Compressor | Thomas T-100SP
    Thomas Compressors T-100SP
    by Thomas Compressors

    All-steel/aluminum construction (no plastic shrouds) for optimal durability
    Life-Guard Dirt Deflector for cleaner, cooler operations
    Quiet-running (75 decibels) for reduced operator fatigue
    3.1 cfm @ 100 psi output for supporting up to two nailers simultaneously
    1,700 rpm motor keeps up with the fastest nailers

    found in T-100SP's description: 1 cfm at 100 psi, this three-gallon pancake tank compressor supports one to two nail guns simultaneously. High overall tank pressure (135 psi) supports longer hose runs, which means greater air-storage capacity, too.


    • Only 75 decibels for less operator fatigue
    • Higher CFM Delivery - 135 psi
    • Designed to Run on 15 Amp Circuits
    • Designed to Run on Extension Cords
    • All Steel/Aluminum Construction (No Plastic Shrouds)
    • Built for Contractors in Sheboygan, Wisconsin
    • Rated for Continuous Use (100% Duty Cycle)
    • Ball Bearing Construction Throughout
    • Will Start and Run in Cold Weather
    • Extremely Well Balanced (no walking)
    • Run at Any Angle (will not run tight)
    • Fast, Easy, Low Cost Rebuilds
    • No Maintenance Costs or Downtime
    • No Oil to Add, Change or Spill
    • Life - Guard Dirt Deflector Extends Life


    • Air Displacement 6.0 CFM
    • Air Delivery 3.
    13.5 Amp 2 Horsepower 4 Gallon Oil-Free Twin Hot Dog Compressor | Thomas Compressors T-2820ST
    Thomas Compressors T-2820ST
    $649.00 >> $489.00
    by Thomas Compressors

    20 by 15.6 by 16.5; 71 pounds; 5-year warranty on electrical components
    Includes manual
    Durable cast iron
    5 cfm at 100 psi; quiet 74 dB; 2-cylinder in-line design
    13-1/2 amp, 2-horsepower, 4-gallon, oil-free twin hot dog compressor

    found in T-2820ST's description: Often called "The Cadillac of Portables" it sets the standard on what 2 HP compressors should be.
    found in T-2820ST's reviews:
    The best portable compressor availible - We use these compressors everyday.
    We came to like the low weight (lighter than any of our single cylinder compressors) and the fact that it is quieter than out pancake compressors.

    The Cadillac of portable air compressors - extension cords can be used); this is the Cadillac of portable compressors. The paint job on the tanks could be better and air fittings could be included, but those are minor issues.
    This is a keeper! - I've used it for air guns, various types of light and heavy duty nail guns, and shop tools. Very quiet compared to other compressors of the same size, but compressors will never be mistaken for a 'silent' partner.
    Finish Nailer, Brad Nailer, Narrow Crown Stapler and Co | Factory-Reconditioned Porter Cable CFFN251TR
    Porter Cable CFFN251TR
    by Porter Cable

    49 pounds; 1-year warranty
    Includes 2 nailers, stapler, compressor, air hose with coupler and plug, oil, manuals
    Rugged plastic housings on tools; cast-iron compressor
    Includes FN250B finish nailer, BN125A brad nailer, NS100A stapler, and 6-gallon pancake compressor
    Factory-reconditioned nailer, stapler, and compressor combo kit

    found in CFFN251TR's description:

    First, the compressor: The unit blasts out an impressive 150 maximum psi for driving more nails than traditional 135 psi compressors. Olson

    What’s in the Box
    6-gallon, 150 psi compressor with two couplers; 1-1/4-inch, 18-gauge brad nailer; 2-1/2-inch, 16-gauge finish nailer; 25-foot air hose with coupler and plug; 2,000 fasteners, nailer oil, canvas carry bag.

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