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3 HP, 4-Gallon Side Stack Compressor | Porter-Cable CPF23400S
Porter-Cable CPF23400S
by Porter-Cable

One Year Warranty
Convenient control panel has regulator, gauge, and two quick connect outlets
Higher tank pressure provides more usable air per tank re-charge
New high-pressure design keeps tank pressure between 110 and 135 PSI
3 HP induction motor delivers 7.7 SCFM at 40 PSI, 5.5 SCFM at 90 PSI

found in CPF23400S's reviews:
Great buy - Size of the tank is fine, but its really about the horsepower of the motor and amount of air motor can put out so that you don't have long period of motor running in order to build a pressure in the tank. This 3hp engine is much better than large size tank with 2hp engine.
Great for various air tools -

Size of the tank is fine, but its really about the horsepower of the motor and amount of air motor can put out so that you don't have long period of motor running in order to build a pressure in the tank. This 3hp engine is much better than large size tank with 2hp engine.
This Portable Compressor is Rugged and Well Built ! - Surprised and impressed! I looked at Home Depot and Lowes and decided to order this air compressor to save the Tax and the trouble of bring it home. )

Pluged it in, It filled the 4 Gallon tank in 44 Seconds. Thats starting with the tank completely empty.

Looking at the other brands of portable compressors I really like how well this one is built.
Great little air compressor - This air compressor is great! This unit is fairly quiet, compact, light enough to be toted around if needed, no oil needed and very powerful. This unit replaced a 12 year old 15 gallons, 2 hp, craftsman rolling air compressor and all I can say is that I wish I purchased this unit sooner. When comparing the 2 units the Porter Cable is definitely stronger, the only difference being that when you are running any tools the compressor is running almost non stop compared to a unit with a larger tank that does not have to refill as fast. I consider this a plus though, because I always drain the tank after each use and it does not take as long to release all the air. At this price range there are many choices out there for anyone looking for a compact air compressor but when you start to compare CFM ratings @ 90 PSI this one has the highest ratings.
Frustrated with the technical assistance -
I received my compressor and unpack it. When I turn it on, the tank pressure gauge wasn't working. I went there with the compressor and they took it and said to leave it there for one day, and on the next day they should call me to pick it up. But, after 3 days, they still didn't have changed the little tank pressure gauge, and they said "we are waiting for Porter Cable to send this piece to us, you have to wait until next week". Ohhh! Come on!!!
I can't believe that! The most common and cheap part of a compressor they don't have in stock!?
Is that kind of technical assistance we have from Porter Cable when we just buy a brand new compressor and need it working???
I think I should send it back and bought another from another company, because, now, I'm just waiting and I can't do my job.

Great General Purpose Portable Compressor - I bought this compressor to run nail guns, air sand and spray paint.) The tank pressure gauge is just behind it. This regulates the pressure that reaches the hoses, not the tank pressure. It is also handy to limit the pressure to safe levels for your various air tools. I can easily carry it with one hand from the tank side. It is not as loud as large upright compressors, but it does make a fair amount of noise, although not as much as I expected. I use it with a Souix air sander and it does run longer when I am working. If you take on a tractor trailer, get a bigger compressor.
Plenty of Power to Offer...but it needs plenty, too. - I tried the compressor on an
undedicated 15 amp circuit, and it immediately blew the switch every
I also learned (the hard way, of course) that if you are using the
compressor with a 50' extension chord (with too high a guage) on a 20
amp circuit, the pump will not get enough electricity to pump air
after cutting-in when the tank pressure drops to 110 psi (the
specified cut-in pressure) - the pump will start pumping, but quickly
stop and you'll hear the motor straining until it blows the 20 amp
circuit, too. Porter Cable told me that if I plan to use even a 20
amp circuit with an extension chord, I need to use a 12 (preferable
10) gauge extention chord (ideally 25' rather than 50'), or the pump
won't get enough juice to cut-in properly and refill the tanks. It's
cheaper, my new Porter Cable friends say, to buy more air hose than
the right gauge extention chord - Ah, such knowledge I'm gaining.
Sadly, the compressor arrived with an air intake filter housing badly
bent downward (done apparently at the factory, as the box from Amazon
wasn't damaged), so I couldn't remove the air filter. AND, the drain
valve (to drain water from the bottom of the tank) would not
completely close allowing lots of air to excape from the tank. In my
chats with an Amazon tool sales rep, and later with a Porter Cable
tech rep (to help me unravel the compressor's electrical-needs
mysteries), both Companies quickly and nicely insisted on sending me a
new air intake filter housing and a new drain valve (I guess I'm
getting two of each?) - no questions asked. The machine is fairly
loud, but it only takes my pump about 6 seconds to refill the tanks
from the 110 psi cut-in pressure to the specified 135 psi cut-out
pressure. I figure the noise level goes hand-in-hand with the added
power this compressor offers - power I think I need.

This is a SERIOUS compressor - Desipite its small size and minimal air tank capacity, this is a very serious commercial duty air compressor. AC induction motors like the ones found in this compressor are far superior to brushed AC motors found in most "consumer" air compressors. Because of this motor, the compressor is able to deliver air flows similar to larger 15 gallon compressors. Quite frankly, I'm amazed that anyone can sell this compressor for such a low cost. Aside from air sanding or heavy duty HVLP paint spraying, there is nothing that I cannot do with this compressor.
First Impressions... - It only took 3-days for my new compressor to arrive at my doorstep! And best of all, the shipping was free! I immediately unpacked the unit and checked it over. I followed the manufacturer's advice and went through the 15-minute break-in period leaving the tank drain valve open while the motor was running. When I shut the valve after 15-minutes of run time, it only took a few seconds to fill the twin tanks to 130 p. Although I haven't used my compressor yet, first impressions are everything. This unit is compact, relatively light weight, fairly quiet, and fills up extremely quick! I can't wait to attach my air nailer and get to work!!!.
Darn Good Little Compressor - Short and sweet - this compressor delivers on its promises - it is easy to use, easy to break-in, easy to maintain, and you can't beat the duel air hose inlets. I have found both of the built in pressure gauges to be accurate, and the oil-free motor is quieter than other compressors I have used (although it still makes a good bit of noise). To me, that's portable - I can understand how that would not be the case with everyone, but my experience leads me to believe that this compressor has a very good weight-to-horsepower-to-air storage capacity ratio. Also, this thing is built like a tank - strong welds, a great 'roll-cage' and tough rubber feet.
Excellent compressor - quietest I've used in its category - I am never able to live without a good air compressor. I use them for a variety of tasks from simple blowing to nailers and air hammers. As smaller air compressors go, this one really delivers a nice, steady pressure for quite a long time.

Normally I like to blow through my air gun at about 50psi to clear sawdust. Blowing air at that pressure really drains a small compressor fast, but this one really handles it well and gives me quite a bit of extra time due to the fact that the motor really kicks in quickly and efficiently to keep the pressure up. In fact, from empty it only takes about a minute to fill the tank, which is nice.

I couldn't outpace the compressor with a single nailer.

The two air ports is really nice in one this size because I can put the compressor underneath my workbench and mount a static line on my workbench for easy access anytime while leaving the other open for longer hoses. These size compressors can make an INCREDIBLE amount of noise, but the Porter-Cable 3hp 4 gallon side stack really keeps the noise level at a minimum.

1 Gallon Tank Mounted Air Compressor with 2 in 1 Nailer | Campbell Hausfeld FP202899AV
Campbell Hausfeld FP202899AV
by Campbell Hausfeld

Accessories are included for convenient use right out of the box.
Compressor offers automatic shut-off feature.
Bonus nailer kit is included with a 2 in 1 1-1/4" brad nailer and 1-1/4" stapler.
The sturdy handle allows for comfortable handling and simple storage.
1 Gallon tank offers additional stored air capacity. Tank eliminates pulsations caused by piston action.

found in FP202899AV's reviews:
handy for small jobs - The small one gallon tank is great for small jobs around the house and is pretty light to carry.
Dont Buy this!!! - Still this thing didnt help me @ all, in fact it managed to drain any available air i had in my tire out.
1) Never built up enough pressure in tha tank to inflate tires
2) Couldnt even maintain airpressure, airpressure dropped dramatically when attempting to fill tires.
3) It actually aided in draining remaining air out of tires.
4) My car is really screwed now, since i only have 17lbs of air in 1 tire.

11 Gallon Air Carrying Tank | Campbell Hausfeld KT1100
Campbell Hausfeld KT1100
$39.99 >> $39.59
by Campbell Hausfeld

Extra-flexible 3' hose with universal locking adapter
Pressure-tested tank holds compressed air for months
Great for inflating car, truck and bike tires, sporting equipment and other recreational equipment in remote areas where a power source is not available

found in KT1100's description: 11 Gallon Air Carry Tank.

Product Description
Airtight tank holds compressed air for months Models include: Air shut-off gage.
found in KT1100's reviews:
Works as advertised - I've had one of these Campbell Hausfeld tanks for many years, to carry compressed air outside to work on lawn equipment.


- For low air-volume applications, or when you need decent pressure for a short while, it works just fine. It's purpose is to have compressed air on a small job (or tire-filling), where there is no electricity.


- After filling the tank (125 psi to 175 psi, depending on your air compressor), pressure will quickly drop below 80 psi once you start using it. So, this tank is only practical for air tool use of very short duration - e., an air ratchet wrench to remove a handful of bolts/nuts. Air tools just don't work [well] with insufficient pressure. In fact, with 11 gallons of pressurized air, this tank is only useful for small air-volume applications, regardless of pressure needed. Of course, the tank can be refilled as needed, but that gets tiresome.

With no electricity nearby, options include: this tank, a long extension cord, or a long air hose. Otherwise, any air compressor would be a better choice, since air volume at pressure, will be unlimited. (Of course, the cheapest tank air compressors cost around $100.

3 Gallon Tank Mounted Air Compressor with Inflation Kit | Campbell Hausfeld FP204999AV
Campbell Hausfeld FP204999AV
by Campbell Hausfeld

Max 100 PSI
25' Recoil hose, 2 inflation nozzles, inflation needles, inflation adpater, and tire chuck are included.
Conveniently placed gauges for easy monitoring of air pressure
Sturdy retractable handle for simple storage
3 gallon tank for greater stored air power.
Job Boss 4.5 Gallon, 150 PSI, Oil-Free Compressor | Porter-Cable C3150
Porter-Cable C3150
by Porter-Cable

Includes 1 year limited warranty on parts and accessories
Two pole, 3450 RPM capacitor start induction motor for maximum air delivery
150 PSI tank pressure for longer run time, 90 dBA, 120V / 60 hertz/ 1 phase
Oil-free pump design for durability and maintenance
3.5 HP (peak) 1.6 HP (running) 4.5 gallon single tank air compressor

found in C3150's reviews:
It's a worker - I bought this compressor a few days ago for my small remodeling company.

I am currently growing and needed a larger compressor for the job site, as all I was using was a pancake compressor from porter cable, and it had a hard time keeping up with the heavier demands I was putting on it.

I had looked at alot of compressors from emglo (dewalt) and others. I also looked at the specifications as I wanted a compresor that would have fast recovery, and high air presure for driving nails in older existing framing. The compressor had no assembly reqired, and was easy to remove from the box. This compressor is an animal. The recovery is the fastest I have seen on any compressor out there. It only takes about 30 seconds run time to refill the tank from 125 to 150. It is a litle loud, But we fixed that by moving the compressor to another room, and removing the regualtor panel and putting it into the work area. I wasn't sure I would use this feature, but it is great, as you have your air supply and regulator right where you are working. ( It's not light )

This compressor by far exceeds what I expected it to do.

Job Boss 4.5 Gallon, 150 PSI, Oil-Lube Compressor | Porter-Cable C3550
Porter-Cable C3550
by Porter-Cable

Includes 1 year limited warranty on parts and accessories
Two pole, 3450 RPM capacitor start induction motor for maximum air delivery
150 PSI tank pressure for longer run time, 83 dBA- quiet operation, 120 V/ 60 hertz/ 1 phase
Cast iron oil-lube air compressor for maximum durability
2.5 HP (peak)/ 1.3 HP (running) 4.5 gallon, contractor-style, single tank air compressor
3 HP 4.2 GAL Tank Electric Compressor | Grip-Rite GR2500
$399.00 >> $299.97

Max psi 135
Amp draw 14.8
Tank Capacity 4.2 gallon
On/Off psi 105/135
HP Peak 3

found in GR2500's description: 2 GAL tank Electric Compressor - GR2500 3 HP 4.2 GAL tank Electric Compressor The Grip-Rite GR2500 offers the professional contractor a compressor that will handle any task.5 horsepower (running) compressor is powerful enough to keep up to three framers or roofers working all day. For lighter finish work, it can supply air for four or more workers. Product Features Supports three framers or roofers working all day Electric, direct drive and splash-lubricated Powerd by Speroni pumps Short pump-up time of approximately 55 seconds Quick, 14 second recovery time Start-up relief valve for easier starting and minimized cold-start amperage draw 3,400 RPM Heavy-duty pressure switch and durable metal guages Limited 12 month warranty Product Specifications HP Peak: 3 On/Off PSI: 105-135 Max PSI: 135 RPM: 3,400 Tank Capacity (gallons): 4.
Clipped Head Framer Combo Kit | Porter-Cable CFFC350A
Porter-Cable CFFC350A
by Porter-Cable

Includes 1 year limited warranty on parts and accessories
Kit includes: nailer, high pressure side stack compressor with console, 50' air hose (60250), fittings (60401 & 60405), and Teflon tape
150 PSI tank pressure
3 HP (peak) and 4 gallon side stack style tank
2"- to 3-1/2" x .113- to .131", 32-340 clipped head paper tape collated stick nails

found in CFFC350A's reviews:
Excellent Customer Service - In the long run the price came out the same but I got myself a Delta 10" tablesaw, 16' extension ladder(fiberglass), and this framing gun compressor kit. 9th and after opening the box I noticed the compressor was damaged.
I'd recommend this compressor and framing gun to any DIY person. Also, A+ service from Amazon on handling my damaged product and having a replacement to me in such a fast time.

15 Amp 2 Horsepower 25 Gallon Oil-Free Wheeled Vertical Compressor | Porter-Cable C6110
Porter-Cable C6110
$295.55 >> $319.99
by Porter-Cable

Cushioned handle grip, Standard Equipment: Compressor, High-FloSM air regulator and push to connect coupler and operating manual.
Oil-Free Pump - No maintenance or spilled oil, Vertical tank configuration takes less floor space
.9 (running) HP induction motor for long life, High-FloSM air regulator and push to connect coupler
150 PSI max for longer tool run time, 120 PSI cut-in pressure provides 30 PSI "Bonus Air" before a 90 PSI tool becomes inoperable
5.4 SCFM for faster tank recharge of 25 gal tank

found in C6110's description: From the Manufacturer
This oil free, space saving vertical, wheeled portable air compressor from Porter-Cable provides 25 gallons of air tank reserve at a 150 PSI maximum pressure which provides 71 percent more usable air over traditional 125 PSI maximum air pressure units operating tools that require 90 PSI. With a pressure switch controller that automatically restarts the motor at the 120 PSI falling tank pressure point you get this quicker motor/pump operation and bonus air delivery. Supports all nailing applications and moderate + air tool usage of most air tools. High air flow regulator, high flow quick coupler two gages are also included. Reserve air tank is ASME approved.
Air Compressor 2 HP 4 GAL Tank Electric Compressor | Grip-Rite GR254CTS
$299.00 >> $239.97

Draw(amps): 14.2
Tank Capacity (gallons): 4.3
On/Off PSI: 95-125
HP Peak: 2.5

found in GR254CTS's description: Product Description
Grip-Rite Air Compressors 2 HP 4 GAL tank Electric Compressor This compressor is made specifically for the demanding professional.5 peak horsepower motor will supply plenty of air to keep the busiest roofing and framing crews going all day. Product Features Contractor quality/compact design Twin tanks-4.5 On/Off PSI: 95-125 Max PSI: 135 RPM: 3,400 Tank Capacity (gallons): 4.
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