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15 Amp 2-1/2 Horsepower 8 Gallon Oiled Wheeled Single Hot Dog Compressor | Campbell Hausfeld HL5501
Campbell Hausfeld HL5501
$169.00 >> $169.99
by Campbell Hausfeld

Delivers 4 avg scfm @ 90 psi
Wheels and handle for easy portability
Oil-lubricated cast iron cylinder pump for long lasting, reliable performance
Large, 8-gallon tank for extra storage

found in HL5501's description: com
An air compressor isn't one of those must-have tools for the homeowner—-that is, until you've used one. The HL5501 has plenty of power for a stapler or nailer; imagine how quickly a chair rail could go up. Attach a sprayer and any paint job is a breeze. Because it's a smaller unit, its air delivery is lower, so make sure you check the air requirements of the tools you intend to use it with.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste

From the Manufacturer
Ideal for inflating balls and tires, nailing fences, stapling protective wrap, and more, this 8-gallon air compressor offers a whole new world of around-the-house convenience. A handle and wheels make this compressor highly portable for doing jobs in the basement, on the roof, and in the yard. You'll get those occasional home repair jobs done more quickly and with less expensive with this Campbell Hausfeld compressor and air tools.

Compared to electric power tools, Campbell Hausfeld air tools save you both time and money. The initial cost of an air tool is significantly lower than its electrically powered counterpart, and the average life is longer. Air tools also deliver more torque and higher revolutions-per-minute than electric tools, helping you complete your jobs more quickly and effectively.


  • Large, 8-gallon tank for extra storage
  • Oil-lubricated cast iron cylinder pump for long lasting, reliable performance
  • Wheels and handle for easy portability
  • Delivers 4 avg scfm @ 90 psi


  • Delivers 4 avg scfm @ 90 psi

Product Description
8 Gallon, 15A Cast Iron Air Compressor, Oil Lube Pump With 2.
found in HL5501's reviews:
Good lightweight compressor - Twelve pairs of pintle hinges, each leg 2"x 3/16"x 20", took a long, long time.

Which brings me to my first complaint: during that job, a couple of the fittings under the protective plastic shield vibrated loose and leaked enough air that the compressor couldn't reach shut-off pressure. Using the nailer at 100psi, the compressor cycled fairly regularly, but could keep up with the nailer without any trouble.

The next tool I have in mind to attach is the Critter spray paint rig.

Noisy? Yes, but so is every other air compressor I've ever heard, and it cycles fast enough that for occasional use it's tolerable.

My only real problem with the HL5501, other than fittings that come loose, is that the air outlet comes off the side of the manifold in such a way that by the time you've attached a water filter and a female quick-disconnect fitting, there's quite a bit of potential leverage hanging out there unprotected. I'm always worried about hitting it, or pulling the air hose too hard, or doing some such thing that bends the manifold, or tweaks the regulator, or busts the water filter. Make sure to site it so that that air outlet is protected.

13.5 Amp 2 Horsepower 4 Gallon Oil-Free Twin Hot Dog Compressor | Thomas Compressors T-2820ST
Thomas Compressors T-2820ST
$649.00 >> $489.00
by Thomas Compressors

20 by 15.6 by 16.5; 71 pounds; 5-year warranty on electrical components
Includes manual
Durable cast iron
5 cfm at 100 psi; quiet 74 dB; 2-cylinder in-line design
13-1/2 amp, 2-horsepower, 4-gallon, oil-free twin hot dog compressor

found in T-2820ST's description: From the Manufacturer
At (74-decibels) the Thomas T-2820ST is the quietest 2 HP contractor grade compressor on the market. Delivering 5 cfm at 100 psi it is also the highest output 2 HP compressor available. Often called "The Cadillac of Portables" it sets the standard on what 2 HP compressors should be. Uses include, multiple nail gun operation, drywall texture spraying, HVLP systems, pneumatic impact wrenches, paint spraying, sandblasting, tire inflating, and more.
found in T-2820ST's reviews:
This is a keeper! - this is a great compressor. I've used it for air guns, various types of light and heavy duty nail guns, and shop tools. Haven't tried it for spray painting yet, but Capspray uses it for their best HVLP sprayer setup, so that should work fine also. Very quiet compared to other compressors of the same size, but compressors will never be mistaken for a 'silent' partner.
The Cadillac of portable air compressors - My new Thomas compressor, T-2820ST, is quiet enough to run in the house and is so well balanced that it is not too heavy to move around. extension cords can be used); this is the Cadillac of portable compressors. The paint job on the tanks could be better and air fittings could be included, but those are minor issues.
Heavy Duty 15 Gallon Heavy Duty Wheeled Portable Workshop Compressor | DEWALT D55168
Dewalt D55168
$619.00 >> $359.00
by Dewalt

Efficient high pressure motor allows the compressor to be run with an extension cord due to the low amp draw of the compressor
Oil free, maintenance free pump, for convenient use
Efficient high pressure technology allows for longer pump and motor life
5.4 SCFM @ 90 PSI allows for quick compressor recovery time
200 PSI max pressure allows for longer air tool run time

found in D55168's description: From the Manufacturer
The DeWALT D55168 is heavy-duty, 200 PSI, 15 gallon, vertical portable, 120 volt electric, workshop compressor built to stand up to the needs to the most demanding workshop end user.  Ideal for automotive and equipment maintenance, auto restoration, and woodworking applications, the D55168 can easily operate high air consumptions air tools such as: impact wrenches, ratchet wrenches, paint sprayers, and air sanders.  In addition, the D55168 features a typical robust DeWALT design that features a roll cage and metal panel that protect the compressors critical components.
4 Horsepower 4 Gallon Oiled Twin Hot Dog Gas Compressor | Thomas TG-400HST
Thomas Compressors TG-400HST
by Thomas Compressors

Fuel Capacity .66 Gal.
Engine Honda GX120 4 HP OHV Gas
Pressure Switch Continuous run unloader valve with idle down - Unloads @135 PSI, Loads @ 115 PSI
Air Delivery 5.4 CFM @ 100 PSI
Air Displacement 12.4 CFM

found in TG-400HST's description:

Longer Life - With the patented LifeGuard™ dirt deflector that keeps job site dust and grit out of the compressor, the new Renegade® will perform year after year

Engine - Cast iron cylinder sleeve extends life of engine

Perma-lube oil-less design for maintenance-free operation and quick cold weather starts

Designed for Maintenance-free operation with no belts, belt guards or pulleys, which also means less vulnerability to job site damage

High performance overhead valve design for added power and high efficiency

found in TG-400HST's reviews:
Air Cube 1 - This compressor is a contractor's dream.4 CFM @ 100 PSI air delivery. The unit portability allows using tools like nail guns, impact wrenches, ratchets, sanders, drills, cutters and spray-painting in remote locations. This 1-1/2 foot cube gas compressor fits in the trunk of a midsize vehicle. This is the only gas power compressor that I have worked with that a single average size person can move (alone). The engine optimizes fuel efficiency by automatically slowing to an ideal speed when the air tanks are full.

The engine, even while operating faster to fill the air tanks, is relatively quiet allowing a normal conversation a few feet away. It is quieter than the pancake compressors I have used.

Each air tank has a separate moisture drain valve to keep the tanks from rusting on the inside.

The unit is well painted with a durable paint that is standing up well to the daily abuse of our construction site.

* The air regulator comes with two 1/4" female NPT thread connections. Since I could not remove the stripped hex plug, I used the air gage connection to add a tee.

The Hotdog 12.4 Amp 2 Horsepower 2-1/2 Gallon Oiled Single Hotdog Compressor | Makita MAC700
Makita MAC700
$288.00 >> $176.40
by Makita

18 by 10 by 22 inches; 52 pounds; 1-year warranty
1/4-inch brass Makita universal coupler
Cast-iron pump and roll cage construction
3.3 cfm delivered at 90 psi; low 1,720 rpm extends motor life and lowers noise
12.4 amp, 2-horsepower, 2-1/2-gallon oiled single hot dog compressor with handle

found in MAC700's description: From the Manufacturer
The new MAC700 - Hotdog compressor by Makita is blowing away the competition with built-in features such as a super quiet motor that draws only 12.0HP AIR COMPRESSOR 12. hot dog tank Low amp draw & oil lubricated Roll-bar handle Industrial air filter & cast iron cylinder Oil sight glass & lever handle ball valve Built-in thermal overload for motor protection MAC700 2HP AIR COMPRESSOR.
found in MAC700's reviews:
Damaged!!! - Additionally, the paint on the handle and the tank was abraded.
15 Amp 2 Horsepower 6-Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Compressor | Porter-Cable CPFAC2600P
Porter-Cable CPFAC2600P
$316.16 >> $167.00
by Porter-Cable

32 pounds; 1-year warranty
Includes compressor, ASME safety valve, regulator, gauges, 1/4-inch quick coupler, manual
Cast-iron construction
Provides 3.7 cfm at 40 psi and 2.6 cfm at 90 psi; air-regulator and quick-connect coupler
15 amp, 2-horsepower, 6-gallon oil-free pancake compressor; handle; built-in thermal overload protector

found in CPFAC2600P's description: com Review
This Porter-Cable 2-horsepower, 6-gallon pancake compressor transports easily but has plenty of capacity and power--enough to support heavy use of brad and finish nailers and moderate use of framing nailers. Features include a high-flow regulator, an easy-to-read air pressure gauge, automatic thermal overload protection, an industrial-style quick-connect body in the air outlet, and a long-life motor with replaceable brushes. The compressor weighs 32 pounds and has a handle built into the motor housing, so it's relatively portable. This Porter-Cable is as convenient and easy to use as any compressor out there, and it's just about ideal for brad and finish nailers that are being used inside people's homes on a regular basis. --Jonathon Tudor

From the Manufacturer
This oil-free 2-hp pancake-style air compressor has a new high pressure design that provides 28-percent more usable air! This allows more run time and less down time. The high-flow regulator keeps the tank pressure between 120 PSI and 150 PSI, allowing a greater reserve air capacity. Lightweight for portability, this compressor has plenty of power to fire all brad and finishing nailers as well as moderate usage of roofing and framing nailers. Includes compressor, high flow air regulator and gauges, quick coupler, and instruction manual.8 HP Running
  • Built-in automatic thermal overload protection
  • Larger Easy to read regulated air pressure gauge
  • Universal, High-FloSM, push-to-connect coupler in air outlet
  • One year warranty
  • 150 PSI - 10 gallon equivalent tank size as compared to conventional 125 PSI model
  • 87 Dba
  • Oil-free pump design for durability and no maintenance
  • Long-life motor with replaceable brushes
  • High-FloSM air regulator for more work at higher pressure (125 PSI start and 150 PSI stop pressure switch)
  • 6 gallon tank supports heavy usage of stapler, brad and finish nailer, standard-to-heavy roofing and standard framing nailer
  • 120 Volt, universal motor starts easily under low voltage conditions
  • Extension cord use without tripping circuit breakers
  • Standard Equipment: Compressor, ASME safety valve, air regulator and gauges, 1/4" quick coupler, and operating manual


    • Lubrication: Oil Free
    • Gauges: 2
    • Quick Couple: 1/4" NPT
    • Weight (Lbs. PSI: 150
    • SCFM Air Delivery @40 PSI: 3.7
    • SCFM Air Delivery @90 PSI: 2.

      Product Description
      2 HP, 6 Gallon, Oil-Free Pancake Air Compressor, 150 PSI Maximum Tank Pressure, 3.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI 87 DBA, 15 AMPS, Built-In Thermal Over Load Protection, Hi-Flo Air Regulator With Quick-Connect Coupler, Regulated Pressure Gauges, Includes ASME Safety Valve, 1 Year Warranty.
      found in CPFAC2600P's reviews:
      Porter Cable CPFAC2600P Compressor - Pro: Great little compressor for mobile and small shop use. I use it very often to run air nailers for doing molding on the house and back out to the garage to run a paint/finish sprayer.
      Good compressor for a good price - I've owned a large compressor for years and needed something that can easily be ported anywhere - the large one is nice, but combersome for small jobs.

      This small compressor is actually used a lot more than my original compressor.

      Spraying paint I haven't tried and probably would not work well - it just doesn't have the air delivery. That is what my large compressor is used for.

      It is an oil-less compressor - so it is relatively noisy but noise means power, no? :)

      Once pneumatic, you never go back - The Porter-Cable 2HP 6-gallon pancake compressor is a reasonably powerful and reasonably portable air compressor. I only recently purchased one but I am already sold on pneumatic tools, which the PC 6-gallon compressor operates surprisingly well. Although many pneumatic tools, such as air hammers, drills, and sanders, consume quite a bit of air (generally in the neighborhood of 5 CFM at 90 PSI), I have found that my PC compressor does just fine with its modest 2. My one complaint is that the motor and compressor are a bit louder than I expected. Then again, the noise of the compressor is hardly noticeable above the din of an air hammer, so I'm not sure it really matters.

      If you enjoy using power tools and you have not yet experienced the pleasures of pneumatic gizmos, you should consider purchasing a small but serious compressor like the PC 2HP 6-gallon pancake. It's truly amazing how versatile compressed air is; basically any tool that runs on electricity also comes in a pneumatic version (well, except for arc welders).

      But be warned! If you take the plunge into pneumatic tools, there is an endless stream of items you will find yourself purchasing: air tool lubricants and cleaning kits, in-line oilers, air hoses and gauges, quick connectors, air filters, oil-water separators, Teflon tape, universal air hose joints, air manifolds, blowguns with assorted nozzles, etc.)

      One odd thing I've noticed is that the PC 6-gallon compressor is virtually identical to the Craftsman 6-gallon compressor, right down to the paint job.

  • 15 Amp 2-3/4 Horsepower 4 Gallon Oiled Single Hot Dog Compressor | DeWalt D55155
    DeWalt D55155
    $676.00 >> $365.00
    by DeWalt

    23 by 23 by 13-1/2 inches; 68-1/2 pounds; 1-year warranty
    Includes DEWALT synthetic compressor oil and pressure regulator
    Cylinder constructed of cast iron
    4-1/2 cfm delivered at 100 psi; dual soft start valve for cold-weather starts; oil-lubricated pump
    15 amp 2-3/4-horsepower 4-gallon oiled twin hot dog compressor with carrying handle

    found in D55155's description: com Review
    At just a foot high and less than two feet wide out of the carton, this compressor was quite a bit smaller than we expected, so to be fair, we quickly lowered our expectations. The joke was on us, though, because this little powerhouse just doesn’t quit, and we learned that you can’t judge a compressor by its size. Emglo’s half-century in the compressor business is evident in this model, and with a couple of small exceptions (we’ll get into that in a minute), we don’t think anyone could make a finer piece of air power. Now, this may be a plus or a minus in your book, but we liked the fact that the compressor is factory set to power on at 100 psi an+d shut off at 120 psi, and the cycle time was under 15 seconds.) It has air aplenty for two nailers at once, and with that fast recovery, the job will get done in no time.

    In balance, this is one of the best compressor’s we’ve seen for the size, power, ruggedness and incredible portability it offers. Here’s to a great pairing of two great toolmakers.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste

    Product Description
    DeWalt's 2-horsepower, 4-gallon compressor features an oil-lubricated design with a cast-iron cylinder to guarantee job site durability. The new roll-cage design and integrated control panel protects the compressor and the controls from accidental damage. Carrying the compressor is easy, too: the flat design lets the user tote the compressor comfortably like a suitcase. The package comes with the initial fill of DeWalt synthetic air compressor oil.

    From the Manufacturer
    This 4-gallon hand-carry compressor was designed to meet the tough demands of the job site. The handle is situated to allow the user to carry the compressor with one hand in a natural walking position. The roll cage and integrated instrument panel protect the compressor and instruments from damage. Comes with the initial fill of DeWalt's synthetic air compressor oil.


    • DeWalt synthetic compressor oil
    • 2 universal quick couplers
    • Regulator

    This DeWalt high-performance industrial tool comes with a warranty package that includes:
    30-day, no-risk satisfaction guarantee
    One-year free service contract
    One-year warranty

    Product Description
    2 HP, 4 Gallon, Electric Single Tank Hand Carry Compressor, 4.
    found in D55155's reviews:
    it's too much! - This is a great compressor. I've one additional bad thing to say and that is that DeWalt could use some better paint to go with such a great looking compressor! there's already rust on my cylinder housing and I only purchased the unit a week ago! But overall, I would recommend it highly.
    NOT for everyone !! - Be realistic and really think about your needs in a compressor - because this one is meant for low-volume work.

    Factory set pressure valve set to kick on compressor at 100psi and turn off at 120psi - which means that any fair amount of use will cause this sucker to go on-off-on-off-on-off almost constantly!

    Bottom Line: DO NOT get this if you need a generous supply of air (for blow nozzles, production cabinetry, house framing, paint sprayers, etc.)

    Go ahead and get one if you need a portable, professional quality, low-volume air supply (for continuous finish nailing or occasional large gun use)

    This would be the perfect tool for a handyman who needs occassional yet reliable air from house to house.
    A very good compressor - I replaced my hotdog style oil-less compressor when the connecting rod decided to break.

    While at the local hardware store I saw the DeWalt D55155 compressor and thought, "geez, you could not miss that compressor!" The bright yellow paint made this compressor stand out and then that's when I saw the name Emglo. This compressor also has a ball valve on the bottom of the tank for easy draining. This ball valave is also inside the frame as is every component of the compressor. It's mounted inside the roll cage near the copper line running from the compressor to the tank. It might be, but, I put the compressor away from where I'm working so this is not an issue.

    As with any compressor you have to keep the extension cords short.

    So, would I buy this compressor again if I had to? You bet!.

    Job Boss 15 Amp 3.5 Horsepower 4-1/2 Gallon Oil-Free Wheeled Single Hot Dog Compr | Porter-Cable C3151
    Porter Cable C3151
    by Porter Cable

    85 pounds; 1-year warranty
    Includes compressor, mobility kit, and manual
    Cast-iron construction
    2-port removable console for remote air regulation; full roll cage to protect kit; 150 max psi
    15 amp, 3-1/2-horsepower, 4-1/2-gallon oil-free wheeled single hot dog compressor with handle

    found in C3151's description: com
    Porter-Cable’s solved the compressor mobility problem on two levels with this tool. First, and most impressively, it’s got a two-port removable console for remote air regulation and higher air pressure right where you’re working. And the compressor itself has wheels and an extension handle, making life easier on you.

    Let’s face it: This compressor’s big, heavy and loud, with a max psi of 150. You can run three or four guns at once off it with a splitter and have no air supply problems whatsoever.5 gallon, oil-free contractor style compressor is packed with features. The high-flow air regulator and two-port removable console are winning combinations for contractors. Having the ability to remove the console gives the user the opportunity to remote air regulation and gain higher air pressure closer to the job site. Air delivery at 40 PSI: 7.

    What's in the Box
    C3151 Job Boss Compressor, mobility kit, manual.5 gallon, oil-free contractor style compressor is packed with features. The High-flo air regulator and 2-port removable console are winning combinations for contractors. Having the ability to remove the console gives the user the opportunity to remote air regulation and gain higher air pressure closer to the job site.

    Product Description
    Includes Compressor, Mobility kit, ASME safety valve, Operating manual, Limited one-year warranty.
    found in C3151's reviews:
    way to go portercable - This the best compressor on the market it keeps up with 2 framing nailers with no problem all day this machine is for constuction not for paint gun with high volume you need a bigger tank 10 gallion or bigger.

    15 Amp 4.5 Horsepower 15-Gallon Oil-Free Wheeled Single Hot Dog Compressor | Porter-Cable CPF4515
    Porter-Cable CPF4515
    $407.55 >> $214.00
    by Porter-Cable

    110 pounds; 1-year warranty
    Includes compressor, ASME safety valve, air regulator, gauges, 1/4-inch coupler, manual
    Cast-iron construction
    Max 135 psi; 8 cfm at 40 psi, 5.7 cfm at 90 psi; 90 dB
    15 amp, 4-1/2-horsepower, 15-gallon oil-free wheeled single hot dog compressor with handle

    found in CPF4515's description: From the Manufacturer
    A real performer, this 15-gallon air compressor allows more usable air to be stored in the tank. The high-pressure design allows for longer run time between refills - it's like being able to fit 19 gallons of air in a 15-gallon tank - so you'll get more done. A higher flow regulator starts the pump at 110 psi and stops it at 135 psi for more pressure and airflow. This compressor is excellent for home shop use and moderate construction usage. Your purchase includes compressor with high-flow, high-pressure regulator and gauge, 1/4-inch quick coupler, and operator's manual.8 HP Running
  • 135 PSI - 19 gallon equivalent tank size as compared to conventional 125 PSI model
  • 90 Dba
  • 120 Volt capacitor start induction motor
  • High-FloSM air regulator and High-FloSM quick connect coupler for more work at higher pressure (110 PSI start and 135 PSI stop pressure switch)
  • Cushioned handle for comfortable grip
  • Large air regulated pressure gauge for easy visibility
  • Standard Equipment: Compressor, ASME safety valve, air regulator and gauges, 1/4" quick coupler, and operating manual


    • Lubrication: Oil Free
    • Gauges: 2
    • Quick Couple: 1/4" NPT
    • Weight (Lbs. PSI: 135
    • SCFM Air Delivery @40 PSI: 8.0
    • SCFM Air Delivery @90 PSI: 5.5 HP, 15 Gallon, Oil-Free Horizontal Air Compressor, 135 PSI Maximum Tank Pressure, 8 SCFM @ 40 PSI & 7 SCFM @ 90 PSI, 90 DBA, 15 AMP Capacitor Start Induction Motor, Hi-Flo Air Regulator With Quick-Connect Coupler, Regulated Pressure Gauges, Includes Cushioned Handle & Wheel Kit, ASME Safety Value, l Year Warranty.
      found in CPF4515's reviews:
      This is a 1.5 HP compressor, NOT 4.5 - Porter-Cable makes fine products however this compressor is grossly under-powered and should really be sold as a 1. "Peak horsepower" may mean "when you first turn it on" but it means absolutely nothing once you turn on your sander, sprayer, or wrench.
  • 13.8 Amp 3 Horsepower 5 Gallon Oiled Wheeled Single Hot Dog Compressor | Makita MAC5200
    Makita MAC5200
    $544.00 >> $319.00
    by Makita

    29 by 19 by 19-1/2 inches; 88 pounds; 1-year warranty
    1/4-inch brass Makita universal coupler
    Cast-iron pump and roll cage construction
    6-1/2 cfm delivered at 90 psi; low 1,720 rpm extends motor life and lowers noise
    13.8 amp, 3-horsepower, 5-gallon oiled wheeled single hot dog compressor and folding handle

    found in MAC5200's description: com Product Review
    Whether you need a compressor for woodworking, painting, caulking or construction, this 5-gallon Makita is a great choice, primarily because of its impressive 6-1/2 cfm at 90 psi on a 13. Built-in Storage Compartment - Conveniently stores air fittings & accessories. Air Hose Wrap - Stores 50 of 3/8" Air Hose with handle folded or upright. Large automotive style industrial air filter for increased air intake and greater efficiency.
    found in MAC5200's reviews:
    Worried, distressed, & troubled - Not - turned out awesome!!! - There were two minor blemishes to the paint on the tank but nothing to even be concerned with.
    Now to the unit - awesome!!! A container of compressor oil was included - filled the oil reserve and went to "initial startup procedure" on page 10 of owner's manual. Was somewhat confused by Step 1 - open the "air receiver's drain value". What the %^*& is a air receiver's drain value??? I know what the Drain Valve or Cock at the bottom of the tank is - but was I missing something? A fast call to Makita's service center confirmed to open drain valve on tank for the no-load break in.
    I think I'll be very pleased with this compressor if everything remains as positive as the initial impressions.

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