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13 Amp 2-1/2 Horsepower 4 Gallon Oiled Twin Hot Dog Compressor | Makita MAC2400
Makita MAC2400
$460.00 >> $249.00
by Makita

19-3/8 by 18 by 18-3/4 inches; 77 pounds; 1-year warranty
1/4-inch brass Makita universal coupler
Cast-iron pump and roll cage construction
4.2 cfm delivered at 90 psi; low 1,720 rpm extends motor life and lowers noise
13 amp, 2-1/2-horsepower, 4-gallon oiled twin hot dog compressor with handle

found in MAC2400's description: From the Manufacturer
The new MAC2400 - Twin Stack air compressor by Makita is blowing away the competition.3 amps to operate, a lower 1720 RPM rating and a heavy duty Intake Air Filter system like no other, its easy to see how this unit will out last and outperform everyone else. Low Amp Draw - Reduces incidences of tripped breakers and voltage drop that can cause premature motor failure. Large automotive style industrial air filter for increased air intake and greater efficiency.
15 Amp 2-3/4 Horsepower 4 Gallon Oiled Single Hot Dog Compressor | DeWalt D55155
DeWalt D55155
$676.00 >> $365.00
by DeWalt

23 by 23 by 13-1/2 inches; 68-1/2 pounds; 1-year warranty
Includes DEWALT synthetic compressor oil and pressure regulator
Cylinder constructed of cast iron
4-1/2 cfm delivered at 100 psi; dual soft start valve for cold-weather starts; oil-lubricated pump
15 amp 2-3/4-horsepower 4-gallon oiled twin hot dog compressor with carrying handle

found in D55155's description: com Review
At just a foot high and less than two feet wide out of the carton, this compressor was quite a bit smaller than we expected, so to be fair, we quickly lowered our expectations. The joke was on us, though, because this little powerhouse just doesn’t quit, and we learned that you can’t judge a compressor by its size. Emglo’s half-century in the compressor business is evident in this model, and with a couple of small exceptions (we’ll get into that in a minute), we don’t think anyone could make a finer piece of air power. Now, this may be a plus or a minus in your book, but we liked the fact that the compressor is factory set to power on at 100 psi an+d shut off at 120 psi, and the cycle time was under 15 seconds.) It has air aplenty for two nailers at once, and with that fast recovery, the job will get done in no time.

In balance, this is one of the best compressor’s we’ve seen for the size, power, ruggedness and incredible portability it offers. Here’s to a great pairing of two great toolmakers.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste

Product Description
DeWalt's 2-horsepower, 4-gallon compressor features an oil-lubricated design with a cast-iron cylinder to guarantee job site durability. The new roll-cage design and integrated control panel protects the compressor and the controls from accidental damage. Carrying the compressor is easy, too: the flat design lets the user tote the compressor comfortably like a suitcase. The package comes with the initial fill of DeWalt synthetic air compressor oil.

From the Manufacturer
This 4-gallon hand-carry compressor was designed to meet the tough demands of the job site. The handle is situated to allow the user to carry the compressor with one hand in a natural walking position. The roll cage and integrated instrument panel protect the compressor and instruments from damage. Comes with the initial fill of DeWalt's synthetic air compressor oil.


  • DeWalt synthetic compressor oil
  • 2 universal quick couplers
  • Regulator

This DeWalt high-performance industrial tool comes with a warranty package that includes:
30-day, no-risk satisfaction guarantee
One-year free service contract
One-year warranty

Product Description
2 HP, 4 Gallon, Electric Single Tank Hand Carry Compressor, 4.
found in D55155's reviews:
superb, and not easy to miss - We're breaking for snow- weather, not machinery failure.
And, with power tool cords, compressor hoses, ladders, saw horses, joists and rafters, not to mention canine helpers, we Never foul anything on this smooth, flush mounted unit (dogs avoid it, too).

XPower Powerpack 300 Plus Portable Backup Power Source | Xantrex 852-1840
Xantrex Technologies 852-1840
by Xantrex Technologies

Built-in emergency light for illumination at home or on the road
Vehicle jumper cables
250 psi air compressor for inflating tires and sports equipment
Operates 115-volt AC or 12-volt DC products anywhere
Provides up to 300 watts of AC power

found in 852-1840's reviews:
never worked but they replaced it -

We charged it immediately and put it away for our first power failure that didn't happened until last night (almost a year after buying it).

Does what it was made to do - They put a small compressor on it and it works fine for emergencies, but it's not meant to inflate tires all the time like a Campbell-Hausfield 10-hp dual-stage compressor with 50-gallon tank, it's an emergency convenience, and that's the point that should be remembered. If you want to run your TV, air-conditioner, hot-water heater, well pump, washer/dryer, dishwasher, home theater system, or refridgerator, then buy a gasoline powered generator instead.
2-1/2" Finish Nailer/Compressor Combo Pack | Porter-Cable CFFN250A
Porter-Cable CFFN250A
by Porter-Cable

One-Year Warranty/30-Day Performance Certification
Oil-free compressor can operate on slopes without risk of leaks
Rugged, top load magazine for easy reloading
Depth-of-drive adjustment to match nail depth to the application
Quick release nosepiece for easy clearing of jams

found in CFFN250A's reviews:
excellent product - that was a complete failure.
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