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15 Amp 2 Horsepower 6-Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Compressor | Porter-Cable CPFAC2600P
Porter-Cable CPFAC2600P
$316.16 >> $167.00
by Porter-Cable

32 pounds; 1-year warranty
Includes compressor, ASME safety valve, regulator, gauges, 1/4-inch quick coupler, manual
Cast-iron construction
Provides 3.7 cfm at 40 psi and 2.6 cfm at 90 psi; air-regulator and quick-connect coupler
15 amp, 2-horsepower, 6-gallon oil-free pancake compressor; handle; built-in thermal overload protector
Amazon.com Review
This Porter-Cable 2-horsepower, 6-gallon pancake compressor transports easily but has plenty of capacity and power--enough to support heavy use of brad and finish nailers and moderate use of framing nailers. This is an oil-free unit, and its advanced Teflon coating doesn't require maintenance--a big plus on the convenience scale. The 120-volt universal motor starts easily in cold weather and draws only 10 amps--so you won't have to worry about tripping breakers inside residential homes--and you can use it with an extension cord. Features include a high-flow regulator, an easy-to-read air pressure gauge, automatic thermal overload protection, an industrial-style quick-connect body in the air outlet, and a long-life motor with replaceable brushes. The compressor weighs 32 pounds and has a handle built into the motor housing, so it's relatively portable. This Porter-Cable is as convenient and easy to use as any compressor out there, and it's just about ideal for brad and finish nailers that are being used inside people's homes on a regular basis. --Jonathon Tudor

From the Manufacturer
This oil-free 2-hp pancake-style air compressor has a new high pressure design that provides 28-percent more usable air! This allows more run time and less down time. The high-flow regulator keeps the tank pressure between 120 PSI and 150 PSI, allowing a greater reserve air capacity. The universal motor runs on standard household current and can be used with an extension cord. The oil-free pump allows for maintenance-free use as well as use on slopes without the risk of oil leakage. Lightweight for portability, this compressor has plenty of power to fire all brad and finishing nailers as well as moderate usage of roofing and framing nailers. Provides 3.7 SCFM at 40 PSI and 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI. Includes compressor, high flow air regulator and gauges, quick coupler, and instruction manual.


  • 2 Peak HP, .8 HP Running
  • Built-in automatic thermal overload protection
  • Larger Easy to read regulated air pressure gauge
  • Universal, High-FloSM, push-to-connect coupler in air outlet
  • One year warranty
  • 150 PSI - 10 gallon equivalent tank size as compared to conventional 125 PSI model
  • 87 Dba
  • Oil-free pump design for durability and no maintenance
  • Long-life motor with replaceable brushes
  • High-FloSM air regulator for more work at higher pressure (125 PSI start and 150 PSI stop pressure switch)
  • 6 gallon tank supports heavy usage of stapler, brad and finish nailer, standard-to-heavy roofing and standard framing nailer
  • 120 Volt, universal motor starts easily under low voltage conditions
  • Extension cord use without tripping circuit breakers
  • Standard Equipment: Compressor, ASME safety valve, air regulator and gauges, 1/4" quick coupler, and operating manual


  • Lubrication: Oil Free
  • Gauges: 2
  • Quick Couple: 1/4" NPT
  • Weight (Lbs.): 34
  • Shipping Weight (Lbs.): 39
  • Tank Size Gal.: 6 Gal
  • HP (Peak/Run): 2.0/.8
  • Amps @115 Volts: 10
  • Max. PSI: 150
  • SCFM Air Delivery @40 PSI: 3.7
  • SCFM Air Delivery @90 PSI: 2.6
  • Pressure Release: YES
  • Regulator: YES

One-year warranty.

Product Description
2 HP, 6 Gallon, Oil-Free Pancake Air Compressor, 150 PSI Maximum Tank Pressure, 3.7 SCFM @ 40 PSI & 2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI 87 DBA, 15 AMPS, Built-In Thermal Over Load Protection, Hi-Flo Air Regulator With Quick-Connect Coupler, Regulated Pressure Gauges, Includes ASME Safety Valve, 1 Year Warranty.

Porter-Cable CPFAC2600P reviews (26)

I love this litte work horse!
This Compressor is a great value,you will not find a better one for this price.I have used this compressor with a finish nailer and have had no down time at all.It is also light and very portable! I just wish the little guy was a bit more quiet but other than that I have no problem with this equipment at all.I would look into buying the combo pack with the brad nailer,I think its a better deal.The brad gun alone sells for a 100 bucks! The combo pack has everything you need to start driving brads right out of the box,Thanks porter cable for a great machine at an attractive price.Everyone can now afford to become an "airhead" Once you do you will never go back to a hammer again.
Plenty of Gas
Great fit and finish. Lightweight and holds it's pressure great. I can't believe how potent it is. It's a little loud while filling it's tank but I can live with that based on it's performance. I mainly use it to fuel my brad nailer but I can see myself spraying finishes with it too. This is a great value because it doesn't use the non workable universal type motor. This one can be serviced. Excellent for DIY types and some pro work.
unit died after one year
Only one year of light use (some framing and some finish work) and it already died. I have heard from independent vendors that this unit is NOT reliable. Especially at altitude it is under powered. I would not recommend it.
Little compressor is full of hot air
I've owned this compressor for about 1 year. I'm not a contractor so it hasn't been used continuously. It died about a month ago. It get's so hot it shuts itself off.
I spoke to the Porter Cable rep at the Columbus wood show last month. By his own admission these little oilless pancake jobs are junk. He says he wished PC wouldn't sell them.
I had this compressor for about 4 months. very little use. It decided to quit working after about 20 seconds. Had a funny smell to it. It wouldnt start up again even after sitting for 2 hours. Seems PC is selling an unreliable product.
A good Specialized Compressor
This compressor is great for what it was designed for. And, that was an intermittant duty compressor for single nail gun operation. To keep this units weight down which provides great transportablity, a universal brush motor was used. Now this kind of motor is very powerful for its size and weight, but it cannot match the heavier and larger brush free induction motors of larger compressors. Period. If you take the time to read the manual that comes with it, this fact is well pointed out. So, if you want to run a few big frame nailers and maybe an impact wrench now and then to fix your service truck or car, look beyond this unit. I use this compressor with great satisfaction running some trim and 15 gauge nailers. Not much of a challenge and well within the duty cycle of the brush motor. Now, brushes wear down and eventually need replacement, so be aware of this too. If you are handy with electrical devices, fine, save money and do it yourself. If rewiring your wifes toaster brings on a cold sweat, you will need to bring this compressor to an authorized service center as well as your bank card. The compressor is oil less, so along with less maintanance, less mess on wood work and so on will be realized. The unit is very light weight so if your in your fifties like I am, you won't have to wait on younger members of your crew to carry it for you, so in that respect your pride is protected as well. I really like the rubber hose connecting the compressor section from the tank. Most use copper tubing, which over time will work harden, break or leak. The hose should last the life of the compressor which will be quite a long time if you use the unit within its stated design parameters.
Porter Cable CPFAC2600P Compressor
Pro: Great little compressor for mobile and small shop use. I use it very often to run air nailers for doing molding on the house and back out to the garage to run a paint/finish sprayer. Plenty of power at 150 psi
Con: Runs a little to often
Overall happy.
Once pneumatic, you never go back
The Porter-Cable 2HP 6-gallon pancake compressor is a reasonably powerful and reasonably portable air compressor. I think it's the perfect machine for the somewhat-serious do-it-yourselfer (like me). I only recently purchased one but I am already sold on pneumatic tools, which the PC 6-gallon compressor operates surprisingly well. Although many pneumatic tools, such as air hammers, drills, and sanders, consume quite a bit of air (generally in the neighborhood of 5 CFM at 90 PSI), I have found that my PC compressor does just fine with its modest 2.6 CFM at 90 PSI. Unless you need to operate the tools continuously for long periods, the 6-gallon tank provides sufficient ballast to keep them happily buzzing and spinning at full power. My one complaint is that the motor and compressor are a bit louder than I expected. Then again, the noise of the compressor is hardly noticeable above the din of an air hammer, so I'm not sure it really matters.

If you enjoy using power tools and you have not yet experienced the pleasures of pneumatic gizmos, you should consider purchasing a small but serious compressor like the PC 2HP 6-gallon pancake. It's truly amazing how versatile compressed air is; basically any tool that runs on electricity also comes in a pneumatic version (well, except for arc welders). And, in my admittedly novice opinion, the pneumatic versions have many advantages; they are more durable (with surprisingly few moving parts), often cheaper, and usually more powerful than their electric counterparts. It makes so much sense to have all your tools share one powerful motor instead of replicating motors endlessly; that is, if you can part with your cordless tools.

But be warned! If you take the plunge into pneumatic tools, there is an endless stream of items you will find yourself purchasing: air tool lubricants and cleaning kits, in-line oilers, air hoses and gauges, quick connectors, air filters, oil-water separators, Teflon tape, universal air hose joints, air manifolds, blowguns with assorted nozzles, etc. You'll also find yourself eyeing things like sandblasters and 12-ton jacks, even if you have nothing to blast or lift. (Okay, maybe that's just me.)

One odd thing I've noticed is that the PC 6-gallon compressor is virtually identical to the Craftsman 6-gallon compressor, right down to the paint job. I'm not sure who copied who, but I can't help thinking that a good design is worth copying. Either way, the PC version (and presumably the Craftsman as well) is an efficient and mature design. It's a great way to get acquainted with pneumatic tools. Get yourself one, and let the fun begin!

bad compressor
I purchased a combo pack, 1 month after the warranty ran out the compressor stopped working, I took it to a locate service center , which stated motor barins where gone and it would be $240 to replace, it was cheaper to buy a new one. When I emailed porter cable , it took a long time for a response , by then i had bought a new ( different make)compressor. they build them so you have to buy more parts then you need. Look a different model.
porter cable compressor
I purchased the 6 gallon pancake compressor in OCT 03, did not use it until Jan 04, used for (2) months,it is extremely noisy, heats up, stops working after 15-29 minutes of use. I contacted customer service, only to be given the run-a-round.
not reliable
I've owned this for 8 months. At first it lived up to Porter Cable's reputation: worked great and was moderately priced. Until it broke. It will cost more to fix than to buy another one.

The bundled packages they have now with this model (the compressor with a brad nailer and finish nailer) are very appealing price-wise, but don't be suckered as I and the many others above me have.
Used and abused and comes back for more
I have had this compressor for 5 years now and have had no proplems. I have used and abused this thing almost hoping that it breaks so I have a reason to buy a bigger one. The little round red monster just keeps kicking along. I couldn't begin to calculate the operating hours on it. It gets the most abuse when I shoot waterbased finish on the furniture I make, and since I don't need a whole lot of volume it works fine. When it finally gives up I will go find a nice HVLP system, but they are very expensive.
Good compressor for a good price
I've owned a large compressor for years and needed something that can easily be ported anywhere - the large one is nice, but combersome for small jobs. I just wanted something that fits in my car trunk, if I needed to do that.
Originally I bought a similar cheaper competing unit from homedepot - it was cheap (=inexpensive but badly made, very noisy) and was brought back immmediately, since it was a useless toy.
Stick with the brand names like Porter Cable - you get what you pay for.

I've had mine for about one year now without any problems.

This small compressor is actually used a lot more than my original compressor. It charges quickly and works well with nailers, etc.

I've tried running my pneumatic hammer and socket driver and it does work, but does cause the motor to run all the time.

Spraying paint I haven't tried and probably would not work well - it just doesn't have the air delivery. That is what my large compressor is used for.

It is an oil-less compressor - so it is relatively noisy but noise means power, no? :)
Perfect for my needs and budget too
I looked at various models and manufacturers but they were all on the large, bulky side or too cheaply-made to be considered viable. I have a small workshop with very little space and I need to have "air" available at times. Despite its 92-decibel noise level which is, I think, louder than it may sound, the unit is light in weight with an easy-carry handle cut-out, has virtually no vibration, offers oil-less operation and fills up very quickly. It's solidly built and very well appointed, i.e. gauges, controls, switch, etc. The dial-up pressure regulator makes the use of certain accessories such as a small impact wrench or hammer much easier. The particular unit that I purchased at a local home center offered this compressor packed with a coiled air hose, blow gun, tire chuck, tire pressure gauge, NPT fittings, etc. at no additional charge so it was an even better deal for me. However, I made a separate purchase of a 50' length of regular braided air hose for increased flexibility and mobility. If you need a sturdy and durable small unit for your shop, look very closely at this one. Just be aware that it's not very quiet. Also, it's a bit difficult to use certain air tools with this model because the capacity and constant volume of air are not that great. But, it's more than enough for what I need in my workshop.
power but not reliable
I bought this compressor for it's light weight, portability and compact power all of which it lived up to until it broke within 40 hours of use. After calling Porter Cable they proved to be less than useful telling me that I would have to drive the unit an hour to get fixed under warrenty and were unsympathetic to my situation. It will cost me more in time a gas to fix under warrenty than to buy a different brand.(Which I intend to do.) This may be why you see so many reconditioned units in stores.
I love this compressor
I've had no problems with this compressor after many projects. It has performed flawlessly and I highly recommend it.
Solid little compressor, won't pop your breakers
I previously owned the Porter Cable 135psi, 3hp compressor but when I moved to my new house, with slightly low voltage, it was nearly impossible to use without popping breakers every time the beast fired up. This one works like a charm. It runs longer and more often than the old one but I don't have to run back and forth to the breaker panel. It's also about half the weight so if you need to move it often, this one is great.
poor value
I had this compressor 2 yrs it worked well for small short term jobs. When I needed it for an all day job (running on & off for 5 hours it burned out...... A real poor value. They are not worth more than $50.00
Great Little Unit
I bought my Porter Cable pancake compressor over 3 years ago and it hasn't missed a beat. I've used it many, many times and it always faithfully performs as intended. I've used it to for projects ranging from framing in a new gas log fireplace to framing a 12 X 12 garden shed and finishing trim on furniture. I've also used it to inflate the kid's paddle pool and for pumping up my car tires. It has never missed a beat. I highly recommend this unit to the home handyman.
Roofing, Framing, No Problem
I picked this baby up with high expectations. I wanted a lightweight high-performance compressor. I'm not using it for impact tools, sandblasting or anything else that requires a high CFM, as this compressor is not designed for that type of usage. I've run two Bostitch Coil Roofing nailers with no problems. My Framing gun? No problems whatsoever. This baby is light, I can toss it around, carry it up a ladder, do whatever I need, no sweat.

5 stars. Definately.
What you see is Not what you Get!
What Amazon shows you is a picture of a CPFAC2600P-1 or a CPFAC2600P-2. What you get is a -3 model which is totally different. Don't be fooled! To start with there is no pressure switch.(Black box on the left side of the gauges in their picture.)part# D20668
Porter Cable compressor
I have had no problems with the compressor. It's relatively quiet and delivers all that was promised. I do not hesitate to give a five-star review