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16 Gauge Finish Nailer 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Compressor | Factory-Reconditioned Porter-Cable CFFN250NR
Porter-Cable CFFN250NR
by Porter-Cable

52 pounds; 1-year warranty
Includes brad nailer, finish nailer, compressor, vinyl air hose, pipe joint tape
Heavy-duty steel construction
Comes with 16-gauge finish nailer, 18-gauge brad nailer, and 6-gallon, 10 amp, oil-free pancake compressor
Factory-reconditioned finish nailer and compressor combo kit
From the Manufacturer
This is a reconditioned power tool. Reconditioned generally means that the tool has been returned to the manufacturer, who brings the tool back to like new condition. Some tools may contain cosmetic blemishes. You can finish any woodworking project with this limited edition kit that includes both a finish nailer, brad nailer, and compressor. Ideal for on-site trim work, architectural woodwork, and casework installation, this finish nailer and compressor kit from Porter-Cable is perfect for the finish trim installer. Uses standard 16-gauge brad nails from 3/4 to 2-1/2 inches. Includes: 1 Porter-Cable 16 gauge, 3/4"�2-1/2" finish nailer kit (FN250B), 1 Porter-Cable 18 gauge, 5/8" �1-1/4" braid nailer kit (BN125A), 1 135 psi, 2hp, 6 gallon pancake style compressor, 1 300 psi, 25' vinyl air hose, 1 air hose fitting, 1/4" male plus coupler, Pipe joint tape

Porter-Cable CFFN250NR reviews (12)
Quality control issue
I just received a reconditioned Porter Cable combo and was very disappointed. The regulator was clearly defective it blew air through the housing. I tried tightening connections and it would hold no compression. The unit was reconditioned in Mexico and I have read that there are real quality control issues in their factories. If you make this purchase and are dissapointed, as I was, call customer service they can at least expedite the shipping of a new unit because they can't do a replacement upgrade- Amazon will make it right. As far as I am concerned I won't touch another reconditioned tool that is reconditioned in Mexico, until I hear that they are bringing their quality standards up. I have read extensively about Maytag quality issues since they moved their factory from Iowa to Mexico!! The articles I read spoke of the fact that the factories in Mexico rely on day labor for sometimes critical manufacturing roles and turnover is way over 100%.
Excellent value
I've been using my PC reconditioned compressor for about 2 weeks and it works great. No leaks. Somewhat loud when reaching full pressure but it does so in about 3-4 minutes. I leave it pressured all day and the gauge doesn't move a hair. Nailers are sturdy and work well. There's no way to tell it reconditioned except for the plain box it came in and an "R" stamped into some of the plastic parts.
New Woodworker
I received unit a couple of weeks ago - with special discounts was only $150. While I have not had much opportunity to really use the nailers yet (broken hand), I did test each piece and they worked fine. Mine are labeled as reconditioned in Mexico (as I read in another unfavorable review) but I have not experienced any problems yet. Good value for the price.
Good Product, Great Deal
I'm an occasional weekend warrior, not a pro, so I shopped for value. Though these are reconditioned tools, you wouldn't know it by appearances. The compressor works as advertised & looks brand new. I've tested both nailers & they work & look like new. $154 w/discounts set this at my door. For my needs, this is a GREAT value.
Great Tool/Good Value
Shipped to my door in just a few days. Works great, no leaks, no problems. Contrary to the other reviews, I don't find the compressor to be too loud. Great value.
Which one is new and which is reconditioned?
I borrowed this same PC set-up a while back from a friend and was impressed by its performance. I've kept an eye out for a deal on a nail gun kit so when i saw the reconditioned units I thought I would give it a shot.

I was pleasantly surprised by the condition on the kit. If you were to put this and a new conditon unit side-by-side, you could not tell them apart. Well worth the savings in price!!
Great Deal
This is an excellent package deal. I am more than happy with the set. I used this along with a framing nailer to frame my basement and it worked great.
air nailer
the kit came with a brad, finish nailer and compressor. the nailers are easy to use and makes putting work together fast. i have not used clamps when glueing work since i got the kit.
Needs a bit more power
I expected that 130 lbs. would be good to drive a brad, but it still stuck out a bit. However, for the money, it is still a really good buy.
Can't tell the difference
I received this reconditioned tool last week and used both of the nailers over the weekend. They both look and work as anticipated, flawlessly. Its like everything one purchases, whether new or reconditioned. You hope each will work without a hitch. This purchase worked just fine.
Porter Cable Compressor
Exceptional value and equipment. Very pleased with the speed of the shipment and the product. I used the compressor to install an oak hardwood floor....it worked perfectly. This exact kit was priced $150 higher at a local DIY store.
Great value, looks new to me!
The compressor and tools look completely new, there is no indication anywhere that they are not. Everything worked flawlessly out of the box. The compressor is very lightweight, so you can carry it to the point of use instead of running a hundred feet of hose. And it comes with just the right length of hose and quick-connects. It's a typically noisy pancake compressor, and I don't see it as a heavy-use unit (like for running framing guns), particularly since it is oiless. But for finish work, it's really perfect. A pair of earplugs might help keep you sane, though.