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18 Gauge Brad Nailer Compressor Combo Kit | Porter-Cable CFBN200A
Porter-Cable CFBN200A
$423.00 >> $175.00
by Porter-Cable

1 year limited warranty
Complete kit with quick-connects, 25' 150 psi air hose, thread sealing tape, nailer case, and wrenches
Oil-free compressor produces 3.7 scfm at 40 psi and 2.7 scfm at 90 psi
Nailer features cushion grip, depth of drive, quick-release nosepiece, and directional exhaust
Professional nailer shoots 3/4" to 2" 18 gauge brad nails
Amazon.com Review
Remember when you were a kid on Christmas morning, with a pile of new toys to play with--but no batteries? Well, Porter-Cable's not going to let that happen to you again. Here they've packaged their hard-working 18-gauge brad nailer with its power source--a 15 amp, 120-volt, 6-gallon compressor driven by a 2-horsepower oil-free motor. Fill up the nailer with standard 18-gauge brads from 3/4 inch to 2 inches long, hook up, and you're ready to install baseboards, chair rails, moldings, even make quick work of those wooden craft items like country shelves and vegetable bins. Here's a nice feature: the safety is located behind the driving guide, so you can work in tight spaces. The die-cast body weighs only 2-3/4 pounds, and a removable rubber nose won't leave a mark on your workpiece. There's a handy depth adjustment for setting the drive depth of the nail and a directional exhaust port. When the anodized magazine's visual reload indicator tells you you're empty, reach into the rugged carrying case, where there's room to store 5,000 brads. The kit comes with quick connects, 25 feet of 150 psi air hose and thread sealing tape. It's the perfect combination at a really good price. Kris Jensen-Van Heste

Porter-Cable CFBN200A reviews (14)
Perfect for my needs.
I purchased this kit because I had a ton of baseboard molding to replace. This included everything I needed in one convenient package and is perfectly sized for my needs. I have used it for molding installation and have purchased two additional nailers to use with the compressor: a framing nailer and flooring stapler. The compressor will cycle more often because of its small capacity but that is not a problem as long as you are near an electrical source. This is the perfect size for the home improvement enthusiast.
Good deal for the money
Positives: works very well, plenty of power to drive nails into hardwood, doesn't split the wood (even at the edge of a board), it's consistent in depth of drive, doesn't mar the surface, and the price is good.
Negatives: none other than the noise of the compressor, but hey it's a power tool what do you expect.
Summary: highly recommend!!!
A happy owner!!
I bought this kit because I wanted a larger compressor than I had, one with a tank, and a brad gun. I came upon this and bought it. The gun is great and never jams and is easily adjustable. The compressor works flawlessly. My only complaint (be it a minor one for me) is that the thing sounds like a jackhammer. It is LOUD!!! I mostly use it in my garage so I ended up puting it in a shed outside and running a hose into the garage. Now I barely hear it. The 4 stars is only because of the noise level.
Great product delivers almost everything promised
This nailer kit is by far one of the greastest additions to my home workshop. The tool is flawless and the uses for readily available compressed air keep on coming. Ordering from Amazon was easy and the product arrived on time in excellent condition. One of the main reasons I purchased from Amazon was the $50 promotional certificate. DON'T EXPECT AMAZON TO HONOR THEIR OFFER. All you get is some gibberish about a technical error from Amit. Fat chance I will ever buy anything from Amazon.com again.
I'm very happy with the nailer AND Amazon
I investigated cordless nailers from Paslode (too expensive) and Senco (questionable reliablilty) before settling on the Porter-Cable CFBN200A Combo from Amazon. First of all, kudos to Amazon. I ordered the unit on 12/27 and it arrived on 12/30. The nailer is very well-balanced and well-made. The compressor charges quickly but is quite loud, but it only kicks on (after the initial charge) after a lot of brads are fired. So don't let mine and other comments about the compressor noise scare you. UPS dropped mine off and 20 minutes later, I was putting up molding with it. Without any adjustment, the brads were countersunk perfectly. I'm quite giddy about the nailer and with the great response from Amazon.
The Perfect Trim Combo Pack
Not only did I receive my order for this combo pack 2 days earlier than expected, but I could not be more pleased with the quality and performance for the money. This is an older and proven compressor design that I was well familiar with. The brad nailer has also proven itself to be a very reliable and easy to use tool. I would highly recommend this kit as an invaluable necessity for professioanl trim work. I can't imagine not having it. Keep up the good work Porter-Cable. Thanks.
Great Products
After shopping around and comparing nailers and compressors, I decidede to purchase this combo kit. I recently retired and gone into my woodworking hobby more seriously. This kit arrived well packed and easily put into service. The nailers are easy to use and have functioned flawlessly. I have installed base board moldings and built some cabinets for my garage shop. I highly recommend Porter-Cable products.
Compressor combo
This is a good combo, but don't believe Amazon's pitch that this is a $472 package. We bought ours from Lowes at less than Amazon's price.
Great DIY kit!
I bought this kit while working on general home remodeling and renovating and it has proven itself indispensible. I primarily use it for installing casing and moulding. Both the compressor and nailer have worked flawlessly. The nailer is easy to setup & adjust, has not yet jammed, and is a breeze to use. The compressor is lightweight, easily portable, and has plenty of capacity for my nailers to keep the duty cycle pretty low (read: it doesn't turn on very often when in use). In fact, I also use it with my larger (15ga) finish nailer and have had no problems. My only complaint about the kit is that the compressor is a bit loud... but I think a different muffler may solve that. All said, I am very happy with the kit and am thankful that I purchased it!
Great Deal on a Heavy duty compressor and nail gun
I have only had it a few day, but have been very impressed with its preformance so far.
Porter-Cable CFBN200A 2" 18 Gauge Brad Nailer/Compressor Combo Pack
Well satisfied with the quality. The compressor is loud but if you don't mind the noise it is not a factor. The brad nailer is high quality. I had an issue with a damaged electrical cord and Porter-Cable sent one out quickly.
Great price for a compresser and brad gun. Been looking for a while. This works great holds pressure when not in use. Light enough to move around for projects. I would opt for the 50' hose.
good, but just too loud.
I'm very happy with the performance and how it's doing its job, but the compressor is just horribly loud. It's as loud as a jackhammer. First thought about putting it outside (I'm using it in my garage home-workshop), but then figured, I can't really do this to my neighbours....
Basically 5 stars for the nailer, but less than 3 stars for the noise.
Excellent Quality Tool
An excellent choise for those building projects - superior quality & rugged!