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Job Boss 12 Amp 2-1/2 Horsepower 4.5 Gallon Oiled Wheeled Single Hot Dog Compress | Porter-Cable C3551
Porter-Cable C3551
$641.68 >> $349.99
by Porter-Cable

86 pounds; 2-year limited warranty
Includes compressor, mobility kit, ASME safety valve, manual
Cast-iron construction
12 amps; 150 psi, enough to operate 2 nailers at once; roll bar to protect motor and pump
2-1/2-horsepower 4-1/2-gallon oiled wheeled single hot dog compressor
Here's plenty of power, whatever your pneumatic needs are, and it goes where you need it on big, rugged tires and a telescoping handle. It has enough juice to keep two nailers going at once, and its huge capacity means a lot less down time on the job. Even when it does cycle, it's ready to go back to work in about 15 seconds. The oil-lube design is a plus in our book because it'll run quieter and last longer than oil-free models. Bravo to Porter-Cable for their removable two-port console design, too. Take it to your roughest job site and have no fear—it rolls like a dream, even up and down steps. Just for safety's sake, there's a great roll bar protecting the pump and motor. If you're a contractor looking for the right compressor, you've found it.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste

From the Manufacturer
Why lift when you can roll? The Job Boss Compressor comes equipped with a mobility kit for job site portability. In addition, this 2.5HP (peak), 4.5 gallon, Oil-Lube contractor style compressor is packed with features you’ll like. A cast iron oil-lube design and 8 oz. oil capacity mean increased durability and a longer lasting machine that won’t let you down. A 150-PSI tank will get you through those extended jobs. The High-flo air regulator and 2-port removable console are winning combinations for contractors looking for performance and versatility. This compressor is designed with a removable console for maximum mobility and air pressure. The pump and motor are protected by a full roll cage.


  • 2.5 HP single tank air compressor
  • Oil-lube air compressor for maximum durability
  • 150-PSI tank pressure for longer tool run time,
  • Quieter motor is easy on eardrums
  • 120 V/ 60 hertz/1 phase motor
  • Two pole, 3450-RPM capacitor start induction motor for maximum air delivery
  • Includes 1-year limited warranty on parts and accessories


  • 150-PSI tank
  • 3450-RPM capacitor start induction motor
  • 8 oz. oil capacity

Product Description
The Job Boss Compressor comes equipped with a mobility kit for job site portability. In addition, this 2.5HP (peak), 4.5 gallon, Oil-Lube contractor style compressor is packed with features youll like. A cast iron oil-lube design and 8 oz. oil capacity mean increased durability and a longer lasting machine that wont let you down. A 150-PSI tank will get you through those extended jobs. The High-flow air regulator and 2-port removable console are winning combinations for contractors looking for performance and versatility. 1.3 HP (running) 4.5 gallon, mobile, contractor-style, single tank air compressor. Patented oil lubrication system allows pump to be operated on an uneven surface and assures long life. 12 Amp current required - Low 12 Amp motor draw prevents accidental tripping of circuit breaker. 120 Volts/60 Hertz/1 Phase. 2-port removable console to allow remote air regulation and higher pressure closer to the job site. Full roll cage frame for pump and motor protection. 4.5 gallon storage capacity air tank supports heavy use of brad nailers, staplers, and finish nailers; moderate use of roofing and framing nailers. * Include 4.5 gallon 150 PSI portable air compressor, Mobility kit, ASME safety valve, and Operator manual.

Porter-Cable C3551 reviews (19)
It rolls!
The only unit of its type I've found that rolls over rough terrain in a balanced fashion. Easy to move around indoors and out. Powerful motor and compressor. Have used it to run two nail guns at the same time without excessive run time. Came fully assembled and ready to run...just had to fill with oil that was included. Runs on a 15 amp electrical circuit with no problems. Heavy duty, high quality piece of equipment that runs circles around similar units I've used.
Performs to expectations
I purchased the porter cable model C3551 after considering the Dewalt suitcase carry model. Although the Dewalt weighed 20 pounds less, I liked the Porter Cable model that rolls. I also had reservations about the number of Dewalt suitcase models being sold as referbished.

My C3551 arrived with a defective tank pressure guage. I called Porter Cable, and they are sending me a replacement guage. According to the output regulator, the cut-off pressure was right at 150 pounds and cut-in was near 120 pounds. The manual was easy to read and follow. The break-in procedure was simple and necessary. I believe it will operate a round head nailer and roofing nailer with moderate use as stated by the manufacturer. Both meet my needs. The noise level was not excessive, and a conversation can be carried without shouting.
I am very pleased with the performance. I specifically wanted an oil lube compressor for durability, and this model fits that requirement.

The Porter Cable logo was not put on with the greatest of care, but it hardly merits any bad criticism. For handyman work or specialty trim nailing, this compressor is ideal. It is well worth the 5 star rating.

Outstanding compressor
After using and wearing out several other compressors over the years, I have learned a thing or two about quality. While I use a couple of the DeWalt compressors in my business and am pleased, this PC is my new baby. Very quiet. Works well, as promised, on a 15amp circuit, and just generally well made. The wheels are GREAT. Removeable outlet/guage panel is a very good idea. Will easily run 2 framers unless the guys are very fast. Don't even think about buying the oil free version. The oiled units are quieter and have 3-4 times the lifespan of their oil free brothers.
way to go porter cable BEST MACHINE ON THE MARKET
this my 2nd air compressor matter fact I was building a arbor for the back yard after pressure was reached for nailgun I work over 1 hour before the compressor recycled the only problem I have had is to set the pressure on the nail gun after about 2 tries it worked perfect. I really like the idea on the removeable gauge face the compressor stay in 1 spot and 50 to 100 feet you can attact the face to a fixed object so you can save on trips back to the compressor when you need another nailgun as in replaceing the framer to finishing gun .great idea porter cable WAY TO GO PORTER CABLE
I bought the Porter-Cable C3551 . . . AND I'M STILL GLAD!!!
I shopped long and hard for a well built portable compressor that was durable and just plain practical. I did hands-on shopping for several different brands and types, finally choosing the Porter-Cable C3551. The unit did arrive with a couple of loose chasis bolts, but other than that it has been "first class" right out of the box. I use this unit for brad nailers, large Senco finish nailers and a framing nailer. The large pneumatic tires and slide out handle are so-o-o sweet! Yes, I know that the sheet metal panel on the top (black in color) is NOT a step or a seat, but my small 160 lb. frame finds it to be a great seat when I take that "on the job" lunch break. Remember, it's not a seat; it just looks like one and functions like one for smaller folks. It's not a seat! The cycle time is about 15-20 seconds from cut-in to cut-out at 150 lbs, and it doesn't cycle very often for my work. This is a fantastic compressor. I would encourage anyone to give it strong consideration. Even if it's a couple of dollars more than the "other brand," I would encourage anyone to make the plunge. I did, and I'm not a bit sorry.
The Wheels!
Like the other reviews about the C3551 Job Boss, I've used it on several locations that involved hauling it up to second and third levels. I have given this unit a 5 star rating and this is my third compressor that I've owned over past years. (The owner of MK Diamond which makes great tilesaws told me that recently Porter-Cable was sold to Black and Decker!) Anyway, this little unit is a step above it's competition and I'm impressed.
My one beef with the C3551 is what should be it's more innovative feature; the damn wheels! Instead of mounting them directly on the tublar frame with poorly fitting washers and lock-nuts, it seems like running an axle through the frame would have kept the wheels more firmly attached and lined up better. SEVERAL WEEKS AGO ONE OF THE WHEELS ACTUALLY VIBRATED LOOSE WHILE THE UNIT WAS RUNNING.
That is my only problem with what I think is a very nice tool. In one of the earlier reviews a mention was made about the flat protective cover plate that caps out the top of the unit. No standing on that for sure. I'm going to modify my Job Boss with a Jet 3/8"x50' air hose reel bolted right on top of that cover plate and not only eleminate some of the mess with air lines snaking all over the floor but should also keep anyone from standing on that plate. You can find air hose reels in Amazon's Tool Crib listings.
1 man carpenter
I received the compressor from amazon with no defects. I use a paslode framing nailer for my side work. I have been a carpenter for 25 years. I do like the extra pressure to drive the nails in hard lumber. I run the compressor at 115 psi for the pasolode. The compressor does need time to build pressure to keep up with my 1 gun for nailing plywood. This is due to the 4.5 gal. tank. The compressor does have a quick recovery 10 to 15 seconds to cutoff so I'm able to nail with short breaks. For every other aspect of framing this compressor is a 5 star. I do nail very quick closer to 70-80 nails a minute on plywood. And I know that the compressor rated at 4.4 cfm's at 90psi would only be able to nail 53 nails a minute with the paslode framing nailer. The compressor is rated properly. The compressor does run quieter than the oiless compressor I did have. I am very happy with the compressor and can live with the short breaks during the nailing of plywood. The wheels and handle are also a nice plus.
The Porter-Cable C3551 is a very nice compressor
I have a few compressors already - but they are too big and bulky to move around and my previous smaller 10 gallon compressor is getting a bit rough around the edges. 10 years old for a oil-less compressor is a pretty good.

With that said I wanted a new smaller compressor to aid in the remodel work I'm doing. My goal was to be able to navigate it through the house and take it to the work instead of me stringing 100' plus of hose.

Upon receiving the compressor I gave it a quick once over. The only issue I found was with the wheels. The nuts that hold the wheels on were not even finger tight. I went ahead and backed off the nuts and put a little Loctite Blue on them and then tightened everything back up. I don't think they will be giving me a problem anytime soon.

The performance of the compressor is very good. After the 20 minute no pressure breakin, I immediately put it to work. It fills quick, cycles infrequently, and is fairly quiet. It rolls very smooth and operates smoothly as well. Overall the features are nice and I have no complaints.

I think this is one of the best small compressors out there. About the only thing I wish it had was a verticle stand so that when you are not using it you could easily store it up out of the way. If you need a nice portable compressor - look no further. For me it came down to the DEWALT D55155 or this compressor. I liked the wheels on this unit and the 150psi capability. However those features also came with a higher price. In the end I think it was worth it and that is really all that matters.
Mine came damaged
The item is not packed well. UPS must have dropped it hard twice because the cage was bent and so was a wheel but the box was not punctured. I say hard because there is no way I could have done that kind of damage unless I dropped it off my roof. My guess is it fell off their conveyor a few times since it was damaged in 2 different places. I returned mine and am not getting another for fear of another damaged product. Also I thought it would stand up vertical so I could put it against my garage wall but it does not as it must be laid down as in the pics. It looks like I'm going to go with the Dewalt D55155 instead or the Makita Hotdog since I want an oil lube compressor. Assiming I get the Dewalt, Black and Decker still wins since they own Porter Cable and Dewalt. From what I've seen, the Dewalt packaging is much better so I think shipping it will be ok.
mine came damaged too!
got mine yesterday after a 8 day delay prior to shipping and I agree the unit looks impressive but packing is worthless. my unit is most likely the damaged one returned in the prior message. It looked like Jim Carrey was the delivery guy. The main pressure gauge was sheared off (behind the control panel) and the frame was dented and air filter busted. Hopefully, the next one will be o.k. More later once I get to use it.

update: do not buy this p.o.s. loud and irritating, not that fast at recoverry etc.

i will sell it cheap!


update...while not perfect, the loudest noise seemed to be from a loose handle, and the recovery rate is fine, especially considering it is pumping all the way up to 150 psi. overall I am happy with it.
Excellent Compressor for Framing or Finish Work
Lots of pressure and quick recovery powering my Hitachi NR83A2. A bit slow running an airfile. Could easily run multiple finish nailers or roofing nailers but one framing nailer is capacity. Relatively quiet versus my Emglo 2hp,but it does have a nasty vibration that could be reduced with deadening grommets and a bit more engineering. Good value- I am happy with this compressor.
Porter Cable lacks quality control
Mine arrived on schedule from Amazon. After following the breaking procedure, I noticed that the regulator wouldn't let out any air. The needle remained stuck at zero, even though the knob freely moved. I was hesitant to return it at first, fearing it would delay what I needed it for, and hoped it is something that could be easily fixed. (Also, the compressor being so quiet won me over and I was willing to overlook few minor problems in order to keep it.)

I contacted Porter Cable through email for suggestion, since nothing from the trouble-shooting section of the manual hinted on what might be the problem. Porter Cable's response came too late (four days), by then I had returned it to Amazon for exchange.

Porter Cable indicated the problem might be due to the regulator being blocked by a dope sealant, and suggested I remove it to check. This made me wonder if anyone from the factory made sure this thing does what it was designed to do. This also raised other safety concerns for me.

Anyway,Amazon made the return process almost effortless. I will receiving a replacement compressor tomorrow and I will post how that worked out, at that point I will be adjusting my rating for the product.

I finally received a replacement and everthing worked well. Although I haven't used it long enough, but I like everything I see so far. My only compliant now is the nasty noise coming from washers vibrating against the pins holding in the wheels. I will eventually find a fix for that. I am changing my rating to 4 stars!
Great compressor for the size
After owning a craftsman 4gal unit, and have it malfunction on the first use (relief valve stuck open, not letting pressure build) and returning it, I looked into a better replacement. This model is wonderful. I have to agree, the packing leaves A LOT to be desired, but if it's not mishandled during shipping, it survives. Mine arrived intact, and save for having to fill the tires from 2 psi, and the errant cotterpin/washer-at-the-wheel wiggle, there were no problems.

Did the break-in, and test fired all of my nailers, and it performed great. The cutoff setting is a little lower than was expected, but it'll do until I can figure out how to get it fixed.

The convienence of the tow handle is great. It's also narrow enough height-wise to pass between studs easily when vertical.
Good idea, but a bit more durabilty would be nice
I've been using this compressor for about 2 years of daily remodeling work in Colorado in all weather conditions. I bought it because I was tired of lugging around other compressors that didn't have wheels. The rolling design of this compressor is very good because it can easily go up and down stairs as well as over typical construction site obstacles. That said, here are the following quality problems I've had to deal with so far:

The wheels were attached poorly and fell off on a few occasions. About a year ago I put some mad leverage on the nuts that hold the wheels on, and they've been secure ever since.

After a few months of use the tank pressure gauge failed, and Porter Cable sent me a replacement.

After a year of use the motor kept tripping breakers, so I took the compressor in for service and it received a new compressor and motor. Fortunately it was still covered by the warranty.

Presently the regulator has been drifting a bit, but it hasn't annoyed me enough to get it fixed.

I work on job sites that have ancient compressors that continue to function flawlessly (but they're really heavy to move around), so I'm a bit worried by the problems I've noticed in only 2 years of use. I have the feeling that when the warranty runs out I'll be left high and dry.

Because this compressor is oil lubricated, it does get sluggish in the winter. It also cannot supply as much air as the oil-free version. A trim subcontractor I know has the oil-free version and he has to rebuild his compressor annually with a $40 repair kit, so oil free isn't entirely without issues. But the oil-free version isn't affected by the cold.

If you already have a compressor you like, I'd bolt some good wheels onto it and weld a nice handle onto the frame. That way you'd have all the advantages of the Porter Cable Job Boss without the durability problems.

Update: The tank pressure gauge broke again, but I decided not to replace it. Instead, I replaced the whole unit with a used Dewalt/Emglo D55570 which is quieter, more powerful (I can use it to run an angled die grinder that I use to cope wood), and all around much nicer. The Porter Cable now sits in my garage for home projects or small jobs that where portability is the most important factor.
Get a clue Porter Cable!
First I will start by saying PC makes a good compressor and we have two at the company I work for. I finally decided to buy my own as Amazon was giving really good deals on price and shipping. The first C3551 showed up with the roll cage dented in two places, the air filter post bent, scratched everywhere and the big problem something metal was loose in the engine and you could hear it banging around as you moved the compressor around. Oh well stuff happens so I sent it back for an exchange (Amazon made this really easy). The second C3551 that showed had a dented roll cage also but the big problem was more metal clanging around in the motor. What's up with that? I sent this one back for a refund. I called Porter Cable and they said it was probaly droped in shipping. Now for my real gripe, Porter Cable you really need to start packing your product better. The only protection for a 90lbs. compressor was two flimsy pieces of cardboard on either side of the unit. How about some foam? You need to take a lesson from Bosch when it comes the packing tools. I think all of my problems could have been solved with better packaging and Porter Cable would have kept the sale.
Good mid-range job compressor.
My old dual tank wheel barrow-style compressor that I bought at Truitt and White Lumber in Berkeley lasted for ten years of moderate but daily use in my remodeling business. When that finally broke down I bought a pancake compressor as a quick fix, since I was doing more and more design work and gradually easing my way into retirement.

But then my wife and I decided to move to Southern California and build a timberframe house which would be wrapped with a stud frame. So I decided to purchase this mid-range compressor.

As described below, the compressor is not the most durable. Nothing has gone terribly wrong, but the wheels are loosening after a year on a very rocky site, and the pull handle doesn't slide in and out very well. The pressure adjustment dial still sticks and comes off when you pull it out to adjust pressure. Nor does it click back down very easily. But overall, it's been a good handy compressor that I would recommend for anyone who is not engaged in heavy duty framing and running the thing 8 hours a day for months and years on end. For that you need the old double-tank wheelbarrow style compressor.
Everything it promises and more..........
All I can say is there are a LOT of portable air compressors out there and a lot of them are junk. This compreesor is not, its everything it promises and more. Straight out of the box and running within 15 minutes. I did not use the oil that came with compressor though, I decided to run a fully synthetic oil (make sure it is a compressor oil) Ingersoll Rand makes a very high quailty oil for this compressor. Everything is where it should be on this compressor: knobs, gauges,ect. The only thing I would tell someone interested in this compressor is don't be fooled by Porter Cables "oil-free" version of this compressor, I have done a lot of comparision shopping not only is the oil free version much noiser but you will be servicing it much more often than the oil-lube pump. Lowe's sells the "oil-free" version of this compressor for 299.00!!!!!!!! You can purchase this compressor, tax free and shipped free and it will be shipped right to your front door! What a deal! Good job Amazon!
I just received the C3551 this morning in a box that was barely still together and bashed around quite a bit. As some previous comments, Porter-Cable needs to do a much better job of packaging this unit!

Luckily, there was no external damage to the unit, but there is quite a few things rattling around either in the motor or the tank (I can't tell which) so, I'm afraid to put oil in it and getting it started. There may be hidden damage that could ruin the unit...

I think that I will talk to Amazon and see what they suggest...

Was pleased the second time
First shipment came damaged (cast motor mounts sheared off). After reading other reviews though, it was almost to be expected. Amazon was great about exchanging, and second one was fine. Very quiet, nice regulator, works well. I have not used satelite regulator option, I suppose if you were 500' from compressor it might be handy... Have used framing nail gun with 140' 1/4" hose and thats about its limit.
Overall I am pleased