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Job Boss 15 Amp 3.5 Horsepower 4-1/2 Gallon Oil-Free Wheeled Single Hot Dog Compr | Porter-Cable C3151
Porter Cable C3151
by Porter Cable

85 pounds; 1-year warranty
Includes compressor, mobility kit, and manual
Cast-iron construction
2-port removable console for remote air regulation; full roll cage to protect kit; 150 max psi
15 amp, 3-1/2-horsepower, 4-1/2-gallon oil-free wheeled single hot dog compressor with handle
Porter-Cable’s solved the compressor mobility problem on two levels with this tool. First, and most impressively, it’s got a two-port removable console for remote air regulation and higher air pressure right where you’re working. And the compressor itself has wheels and an extension handle, making life easier on you.

Let’s face it: This compressor’s big, heavy and loud, with a max psi of 150. And we love it. You can run three or four guns at once off it with a splitter and have no air supply problems whatsoever. It’s built tough for the job site (and the trips to and from), with a full roll cage to shield your pump and motor. And last but not least, it’s oil-free and therefore maintenance-free.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste

Amazon.com Product Description
This 3.5HP (peak), 4.5 gallon, oil-free contractor style compressor is packed with features. It starts with the oil-free pump which is designed for durability and long use. It also packs 150 PSI in the tank for longer tool run time. The high-flow air regulator and two-port removable console are winning combinations for contractors. Having the ability to remove the console gives the user the opportunity to remote air regulation and gain higher air pressure closer to the job site. The full roll cage frame adds protection for the pump and motor. Include mobility kit for increased portability on the jobsite.

Technical Details
Tank capacity: 4.5 gallons. Running HP: 1.6. Max PSI: 150. Air delivery at 40 PSI: 7.8. SCFM at 90 PSI: 6.0. Gauges: two. Quick-Connect Couplers: Two. Weight: 85 pounds. Decibals: 94.

What's in the Box
C3151 Job Boss Compressor, mobility kit, manual.

From the Manufacturer
This 3.5HP (peak), 4.5 gallon, oil-free contractor style compressor is packed with features. It starts with the oil-free pump which is designed for durability and long use. It also packs 150 PSI in the tank for longer tool run time. The High-flo air regulator and 2-port removable console are winning combinations for contractors. Having the ability to remove the console gives the user the opportunity to remote air regulation and gain higher air pressure closer to the job site. The full roll cage frame adds protection for the pump and motor. Include mobility kit for increased portability on the jobsite.

Product Description
Includes Compressor, Mobility kit, ASME safety valve, Operating manual, Limited one-year warranty.

Porter Cable C3151 reviews (17)

Dependable and... dependable
The first unit I purchased had one of the wheels significantly out of alignment. Way too much play in it. So, I contacted amazon and they promptly shipped another one out to me (2-day shipping--impressive).
I've been using this compressor for about 3 months now. Nailing, stapling, and air cleaning. The wheels and extension handle are a monstrous plus--the unit is quite heavy. I love the concept of being able to detach the valves' console in order to bring it closer to the work place (need to purchase another hose for this ability, however).
The pressure, for the most part, maintains its equillibrium. What I don't particularly care for about the unit is the airflow adjustment valve. It's disappointingly cheaply made... and I don't trust it for the compressor's duraction. Sometimes when I pull the plastic valve out (to adjust the PSI), I'm uncertain as to whether I unlocked it or not. Same thing when pushing it back in.
Finally... she's loud and she exudes tremendous vibration. Be warned.

05 update: I noticed one reviewer griped about this tank's compressor turning on frequently while using an air wratchet or something. Umm... that's an unfair assessment. Using such tools would cause the same reaction on any tank with the same air gallon capacity.
Not Commercial Quality
I bought this unit so I would have an air compressor that would keep up with common pneumatic tools. Well it won't. Using a 3/8" ratchet, I end up waiting for it to catch up. Then the unit died, froze up and tripped the circuit breaker. It's been in the shop (factory repair center) for a month now and have no idea when it will be fixed. I wouldn't by this unit if your livelyhood depends on it. It's not even capable of being a decent home unit.
way to go portercable
This the best compressor on the market it keeps up with 2 framing nailers with no problem all day this machine is for constuction not for paint gun with high volume you need a bigger tank 10 gallion or bigger. My Dad's friends were amazed on how well it kept with my DAD's 2 FC 350 FRAMING GUNS RUNNING THEM AT 90 PSI all day long. The only problem we had with is setting the psi,it was set after one or two try's it works real well
From a homeowner
This is a great compressor. Not knowing much about the construction biz, I splurged to start work on my basement. Very good decision. Mostly agree with what others have said, but here are a few notes for those of you who are like me and DON'T do this stuff for a living:

1. The manual says 15 Amps, but its more like a hair above that. It will trip a 15 Amp circuit breaker if there is more than one appliance. It even tripped my 15 amp dedicated circuit for my sump pump. My only good performance came from plugging into my dedicated washing machine outlet which happened to be 20 Amps.
2. One of the tubes came disconnected out of the box. The copper one that pumps the air into the reservoir. Not a big deal, but it took me about 2 hrs to figure out that a gasket was NOT missing and that the tube connects through a "furrowing" ring (basically it self-tightens to hold the tube in place). Perhaps a quality control issue.
3. The cut-off pressure is not adjustable. Also not a big deal, but I don't need 120psi in the reservoir just to inflate by car tires to 35 psi or do some minor household stuff. (I definitely wouldn't want to buy a second compressor for that either.)
4. Aside from those minor inconveniences (hence the 4-stars), this is a very plug-and-playable compressor for the DIY homeowner. Strong enough to do that wall framing project but delicate enough to handle the trim finish work and inflate your car tires. I made the mistake of buying one of the pancake style compressors and found it a little weak for doing the basement framing.
Good, But.....
The job boss does the job it claims. The only complaint is that the outlet pressure regulator is cheap. I feel like it's going to snap off at every turn. Other than that, it delivers.
Job Boss Compressor Review
This compressor has delivered in all of the areas I expected. It is very portable and easy to use. CFM output is very adequate for small jobs or larger demands for short periods of time. My only disappointment was with the handle assembly. I feel that it should be more secure with some sort of locking mechanism.
I have been in the carpentry business for 30 years and have never been as disappointed in a American tool as this one. First off the unit is huge, it has a handle but won't stand up on its back legs,it gets hot and has no easy place to grab it to put it in the truck, it is the noiseist compressor i have ever used. The on off switch is all but hidden, the cord wrap is useless, the wheels and axel vibrete and rattle, even the stickers are falling off already. The reason the front plate comes off is because it is twice as heavy and nosy as it should be. PC makes good tools but I don't like this one. Bob Meanix
Porter-Cable C3151
Ordered as a compact, easily portable unit, which it is.
Arrived not being able to achieve the stated 150psi.
I asked tech support if this could just need to have the regulator adjusted - they said no; take it to a repair center.
Left at repair center; after repair, informed they 'adjusted the regulator...' Still doesn't achieve 150psi, but I'll work that out myself.
Also doesn't appear to put out the volume of air advertised.

Used it today for the first time
I install windows as part of my job. I use an air hammer to break out the old windows and they require a lot of air. This compressor worked well with some catch up time but hey, it's only a 4 1/2 gallon tank. Cord wrap is fairly useless, handle makes it portable, regulator worked, switch and air release are protected. Mine was $214 after the $50 off, A9, and the old $269 price, worth that and then some. I can lift this into my truck a lot easier than my contractor wheel barrow type Emglo. I hope it lasts a while but at what I paid I will consider it disposable though after one year.
you'll love it
This unit is really just amazing. You will find the removeable console a real plus and the drive unit keeps up quite well with a framer and a coil nailer running side by side. We run 2 roofing guns and again no problems. I will say 4 stars not 5 only because of this; if you try to nail when the unit first kicks in you end up with a short drive in heavy framing. I have not noticed this on the coil gun but We do notice it on the framing nailer. Our only complaint and its easily fixed .
very good compressor
Michelles husband John using her account)
I`ve had this compressor for about a year now. Sometimes we use it on the jobsite, sometimes we use the comprable DeWalt that the guy I work with has- depends on who gets there first. The only complaints I`ve had with it is that its heavy and the cord wrap stinks! Lugging it into houses is a pain and since I primarily do finish work, most of the time it needs to come into the house to be close to the power source. (manual recomends not using extension cords whenever possible) I`ve run every kind of nail gun imaginable on it, frequently more than one at a time, sometimes three or four at a time with a splitter and had no problems. I definitly find it to be better than its DeWalt counterpart and the older twin stack Emglow a guy who used to work with us had. I`ve also had no problem with it starting up in below freezing weather while others I`ve seen need to warm up for a little while. I would definitly buy this compressor again.
stop crying
i have had the compressor about two years. no problems so far. i use it every day. as a i make my living trimming out houses all i care about is that it puts air in my guns. if the compressor is to loud you need to find another line of work guys.
ok compressor
I've had this compressor for about 3 years and while it is a good compressor I find it to be very loud compared to others in the same class. Also it vibrates so much that we are constantly retightening the bolts for the wheels and handle assembly. Also the plastic guides for the retractable handle have broken and it makes collapsing the handle difficult. Finally Porter cable needs a better system for the cord. It always unwraps no matter how you wrap it around the cleats.
Rattle can construction
This air compressor will rattle out most of its bolts within a year. The Pressure regulator will fail in about a year as well, be prepared to spend a lot of maintenance money keeping this piece running.
Good Compressor
The first one of these I got tripped a 20A breaker about every third time the compressor kicked on. I made a call and dropped it off at a service center and within a week they sent a new one to my home... no questions asked. Good service! It is kind of noisy and a bit cumbersome to handle, but it works great and service means a lot!
Fine for finish nailers
This compressor is LOUD and ear protection should be worn if you work near it. It can't keep up with one Porter Cable Mag framing nailer when bounce nailing sheeting and runs constantly. The problem lies in the fact that the unit cycles at 115 psi which is lower than the hose pressure needed for rapid nailing. I returned it.
Wow I am impressed
I am a General Electrical Contractor. I have owned quite a few compressors thru the years. I love the handle, and the wheels so that I can move this compressor easily. It is low enough to fit anywhere, also. Great Compressor ! Great buy.