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15 Amp 2-3/4 Horsepower 4 Gallon Oiled Single Hot Dog Compressor | DeWalt D55155
DeWalt D55155
$676.00 >> $365.00
by DeWalt

23 by 23 by 13-1/2 inches; 68-1/2 pounds; 1-year warranty
Includes DEWALT synthetic compressor oil and pressure regulator
Cylinder constructed of cast iron
4-1/2 cfm delivered at 100 psi; dual soft start valve for cold-weather starts; oil-lubricated pump
15 amp 2-3/4-horsepower 4-gallon oiled twin hot dog compressor with carrying handle
Amazon.com Review
At just a foot high and less than two feet wide out of the carton, this compressor was quite a bit smaller than we expected, so to be fair, we quickly lowered our expectations. The joke was on us, though, because this little powerhouse just doesn’t quit, and we learned that you can’t judge a compressor by its size.

We should have known better when the first thing we saw was the word "Emglo" emblazoned in black on that famous DeWalt yellow. Emglo’s half-century in the compressor business is evident in this model, and with a couple of small exceptions (we’ll get into that in a minute), we don’t think anyone could make a finer piece of air power.

Structurally, it’s top-notch. DeWalt/Emglo’s great new roll-cage shape protects your investment in the shop, in the truck and at the job site, and the gauges are easier to read than many we’ve squinted at over the years. It weighs in at around 60 pounds, and the way the handle’s designed, you can carry it much like a suitcase without overexertion. To let out any moisture that’s accumulated, it’s just an easy turn of the ball-valve tank drain, then just wrap the cord on its holder and you’re ready to go.

In the performance department, we have to say this machine blew us away, moving 4.5 cfm at 100 psi. Now, this may be a plus or a minus in your book, but we liked the fact that the compressor is factory set to power on at 100 psi an+d shut off at 120 psi, and the cycle time was under 15 seconds. We didn’t find it unusually loud, but we’re given to wearing hearing protection with tools such as this one anyway (and we hope you are, too.) It has air aplenty for two nailers at once, and with that fast recovery, the job will get done in no time.

If we had to say what we didn’t like, there are two items on that list: First, we thought the power switch would have been better seated on the front panel rather than the side, but that’s a miniscule complaint. What you do want to watch out for, though, is the proximity of the reset switch to parts that get searingly hot while in use. A little care will save you some pain.

In balance, this is one of the best compressor’s we’ve seen for the size, power, ruggedness and incredible portability it offers. Here’s to a great pairing of two great toolmakers.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste

Product Description
DeWalt's 2-horsepower, 4-gallon compressor features an oil-lubricated design with a cast-iron cylinder to guarantee job site durability. The D55155 is overload protected, as well, and delivers 4-1/2 cfm at 100 psi while still drawing less than 15 amps. The new roll-cage design and integrated control panel protects the compressor and the controls from accidental damage. The panel houses two large easy-to-read gauges, the regulator, and two universal quick couples. Carrying the compressor is easy, too: the flat design lets the user tote the compressor comfortably like a suitcase. Other features include a ball-type tank drain and a wrap area to store the power cord. The 4-gallon tank is ASME approved and CSA certified. The package comes with the initial fill of DeWalt synthetic air compressor oil.

From the Manufacturer
This 4-gallon hand-carry compressor was designed to meet the tough demands of the job site. The handle is situated to allow the user to carry the compressor with one hand in a natural walking position. The D55155 is overload-protected, delivers 4.5 cubic feet per minute at 100 psi, and draws less than 15 amps. The roll cage and integrated instrument panel protect the compressor and instruments from damage. The panel houses two large, easy-to-read gauges, a regulator, and two quick-couplers. Other features include a ball-type tank drain design and a wrap area for securing the power cord. The 4-gallon tank is ASME-approved and CSA-certified. Comes with the initial fill of DeWalt's synthetic air compressor oil.


  • 4.5 cubic feet per minute delivered at 100 psi, recovers in less than 15 seconds
  • New ergonomic design for easy portability
  • Protected components for maximum durability
  • Oil-lubricated pump allows for increased life
  • ASME-coded, 4-gallon, OSHA-recognized tank
  • Dual soft-start valves assist in cold weather startup
  • Ball valve drain allows for quick and thorough tank draining
  • Cast-iron cylinder enhances pump life
  • CSA approved


  • Drive: direct drive
  • Horsepower: 2-3/4 max hp
  • Tank size: 4 single ASME tank gallons
  • Power supply: 120-volt AC, 15 amps, 60 Hz, 2-pole induction motor
  • Cubic feet per minute at 100 psi: 4.5 cfm
  • Pump speed: 3,400 rpm
  • Tool length: 21.75 inches
  • Tool width: 23 inches
  • Tool height: 12.5 inches
  • Tool weight: 61 lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 71.25 lbs.


  • DeWalt synthetic compressor oil
  • 2 universal quick couplers
  • Regulator

This DeWalt high-performance industrial tool comes with a warranty package that includes:
30-day, no-risk satisfaction guarantee
One-year free service contract
One-year warranty

Product Description
2 HP, 4 Gallon, Electric Single Tank Hand Carry Compressor, 4.5 CFM @ 100 PSI, Ball Tank Drain Valve Allows For Quick & Thorough Draining, Oil Lubricated Pump Allows For Increased Life, Cast Iron Cylinder Increases Life Of The Pump, Dual Soft Start Valves Assists In Cold Weather Start Up, Improved Ergonomics Assists In Carrying, Protected Components For Increased Durability, ASME Coded 4 Gallon Tank Is OSHA Recognized, CSA/NRTL Approved, Tool Length: 21.75", Tool Height: 12.5", 30 Day, No Risk, Satisfaction Guaranteed, 1 Year Warranty.

DeWalt D55155 reviews (41)

Great !!!
After reading the reviews on Emglo compressors, I decided to get this DeWalt compressor because of the compact design. The design is great, very portable and solid feeling. I'm just a D-I-Y craftsman, remodeling around the house. I've used this, along with the P-C framer and finisher guns, and the DeWalt had no problem keeping up with either one, and I really pushed the framer when framing a 12 x 16 storage bldg. I highly recommend this compressor but I could not give 5 stars, not knowing how well it will hold up (although it is not a concern).
Just plain smart
Not much to say here other than I am a professional builder and am more than a little impressed by this new rig. It's more than powerful enough to run a framer all day, it's has a simple, easy design and most impressively it si the most easilly portable compressor for it's size I've ever toted up a flight of stairs.
superb, and not easy to miss
We're breaking for snow- weather, not machinery failure. What more can I say? The new machine runs and runs, regardless of temperature, rain or shine. It's bright yellow. Which is all you'll notice, which is great! I'd give it 6 stars if it had a flush mounted or built-in water separator/tool oiler. But then they'd never sell any more tools...
And, with power tool cords, compressor hoses, ladders, saw horses, joists and rafters, not to mention canine helpers, we Never foul anything on this smooth, flush mounted unit (dogs avoid it, too). I like the sound, the color, the design, the power and the consistency. You will too. Gotta go- stopped snowing...
Great Unit
Im very impressed with this new dewalt compressor.More than does the job running a framer all day long.The unit is also surprisingly quiet and runs very smooth.I love the two hose ports espesially for finish work! I keep my finish nailer hooked up on one and the brad nailer on the other,no more switching guns on and off hoses! I highly recommend this heavy duty,easy to carry compressor!
Good Purchase
I purchased this machine on the advice/recommendations from this forum. I also heard from Emglo which makes the unit for DeWalt. I am truly satisfied with the unit. This is my first compressor purchase. I have used it extensively for the past two weeks installing hardwood flooring and trim work throughout the house. DeWalt now offers a rebate ( $50.00 ) for this unit, but you have to also purchase a DeWalt nail gun. Come on DeWalt-how about $ 25.00 for the compressor purchase? I qualify for the rebate but not so keen on their guns, hence no $$$ back. The unit is well designed and is user friendly. So far so good and am pleased with the purchase.
DeWalt takes a classic to a new level
As a full time contractor working alone I am always on the lookout for tools that will make the job go faster and easier. Last yearI spent many months researching a replacement for my ailing Campbell-Hausfeld oilless compressor. Originally I figured the CH had a higher air output, needed no oil changes,would work on slopes and start in cold weather. ...After forking over the big bucks and putting it to work for DeWalt's 30 Day trial period I couldn't believe I'd gone so long without this compressor. The unit has loads of features and advantages.
1) First of all the Emglo name on the unit reassured me that I was getting a tool built by the industry leader with a great reputation for tough, dependable compressors. The first day on the job proved it with quick cycling times and ample air at all times. The unit just purrs and runs smoothly.

2) Portability. I do a lot of work in luxury high rises and I've often left the compressor at home rather than drag it down endless corridors. This unit carries like a briefcase (a 60 pound one) with an ergonomic handle and good balance. The unit's flat design makes it easy to bungee tie to a light weight luggage carrier ...It can carry the whole unit with hoses and nail guns. I can't overemphasize how much easier this makes my job. I've paid for the compressor already in labor savings by bringing it to every trim job.

3) Eye candy. Let's face it, this is a sexy looking unit. I've had othe craftsmen come over and ogle the compressor and ask questions about it, but mostly admiring it. Customers have commented on it, how quiet it is and how professional it looks.I am percieved as a serious craftsman based on my setup (along with my Senco SFN-40)which is good for referrals.

In short, this is a serious tool for the professional contractor with loads of power(delivered air), durability, great design and looks. DeWalt took a classic, the Emglo 790, and improved the power output layout and design. My only complaint is the air release lever, an otherwise solid unit mounted on the underside of the tank. The opening is too narrow for your hand and the sharp stream of air can actually cut your skin. In addition the compressor shoots out small chunks of ICE from the tank creating dangerous projectiles that will cut your hand or riccochet into your eye. Don't know why it does that but just beware and open the valve SLOWLY.
Finally, I have a compressor that won't roll around in the back of the truck knocking off gauges and connections as I drive through the city. Hats off to DeWalt and Emglo for a match that combines legendary durability with great design.

Good compressor
I have owned this compressor for 6 months now. I am not a professional contractor but build projects for myself and others with brad to framing nailers. This compressor has performed flawlessly. I change oil every 2 or 3 months with Emglo synthetic oil to maximize the life of my purchase. Recommend to anyone looking for reliable portable air that will last.
Dewalt and Emglo make a complete package, great compressor!
I am a general contractor building mostly new construction housing and I specialize in finish trim work. Someone decided they needed my trim compressor more then I did so I had to purchase another one. I must admit I was not to broken harted about it though because I have had my eye on Dewalt's new compressor now for some time. The sleek design, the way it protects its gauges, and its 2 quick conect air ports kept calling me every time I saw this compressor. I was not disapointed!! The unit is a little heavy for a portable compressor at over 60 lbs. especially at the end of the day, but it carries well with its handle and it does not slide around in the back of the truck. Inside a house a compressor's noise can seem to be greatly magnified but this unit seems almost quiet, it runs so smooth. I had a larger compressor for framing but this Dewalt compressor has done so well that I have sold my larger one and rely on just this one. It has a fast recovery time although in framing when more then 2 guns are being used it can get overworked a little. Most of the time it handles just fine. The unit really has no real flaws at all the air drain has a great little lever to drain the tank with, but it does blow out hard if you open it to quick and I am not convinced it drains all the condesation real well. I have found that you need to stand the unit up on its side for best draining results and open the vaulve slow. You should always try to use as little extension cord as possible and as heavy a one, at least 12 or better. There is a little black breaker on the compressor unit which can be a little dificult to locate and reset, it would be nice if on a newer version Dewalt would move it to the front with the gauges and quick connects. It has triped several time on us if we try and run too many things at a time such as a miter saw, table saw, and the compressor, but for normal use the draw of this compressor seems fine even on a 15amp breaker.
To sum it all up this is one really nice complete package compressor!! It is small enough for the little jobs yet tough enough for the more demanding jobs, within reason, remember it is only a 4 gallon, running at less the 15amp, compressor. With Dewalt and Emglo combine you will not go wrong buying this compressor, and unless you get a defective unit which happens with all products from time to time, you will have a compressor that should last a long time. Another great product from Dewalt thanks!! One last suggestion for Dewalt; (this unit is so great you might want to make an oiless version for people "like myself" who tend to be forgetful about stuff like, adding oil!!!)
it's too much!
This is a great compressor. It's quiet with plenty of power and the portability is great.. plus all the dials are in the right place with easy visibility... however there's the exception of one valve and a reset switch.. There's only an inch or so for clearance for the valve and I could only get to it with a screwdriver. Secondly, the reset switch is located too close to the cylinder housing and cooling system which are about as hot as the sun when the machine is running.. plus the switch itself is a little tiny.. certainly too small for the average construction guy with gorilla hands. I've one additional bad thing to say and that is that DeWalt could use some better paint to go with such a great looking compressor! there's already rust on my cylinder housing and I only purchased the unit a week ago! But overall, I would recommend it highly... namely because it's so dependable, powerful, innovative and the recovery time is great.
I just pulled the compressor out of the box and was mightly impressed. The "fit & finish" was first rate. After going through the pre-check I cranked it up. It filled the tank quickly and quietly. At this point I was ready to give it the Five Star rating. However.... the regulator refused to work. One would have thought that this would have been tested prior to shipment, but evidently not. Other than this faulty piece, I am quiet satisfied. Hopefully a trip to the service center will remedy the problem.
Thank you Saint Nick
This was a Christmas gift to myself, and well deserved I might add! Very portable and doesn't take up a lot of room in the shop...
A pleasure to own!

Hassle free! I've owned one of these for about a year now and couldn't be more pleased with the purchase.

The biggest complaint I have about other compressors is the portability of them. This unit, although like most, heavy, is designed well for moving from site to site. The sleek design means that parts or not going to get stuck on a pant leg when you pick it up or bash into your kneecap. I have found it most helpful to actually pick up the unit by the handle and then kinda hug the unit, holding it close to the chest. This helps to center the weight to my body and I can then lug the compressor up several flights of stairs without passing out.

The main reason I bought this unit over cheaper compressors was the recommendation to the brand names of DeWalt and Emglo. I now see why others recommend the Dewalt and Emglo brand.

It's not uncommon for someone to come on the job site and drool over this unit. Kinda funny how a guy can fall in love so fast with power tools!

If you need a great unit, this is the one to get! Enjoy!

Emglo (Dewalt) compressor
I have had this compressor for about 6 months or so. I got this compressor when i had to put baseboards and crown moldings in a house. I looked at both the Hitachi and Dewalt compressor for about 4 months before i got it. I like the design of the old Emglos a lot better with the twin stacked tanks but I can live with this design. The reason why I bought this one over the Hitachi is it has a little more CFMs at 100psi and i have known the reputation the Emglos carry with them from seeing them on the job regularly. I have used a framing nailers, finish nailers, and dyrwall texture guns and this baby has worked perfect. It Purs every time it goes on and can be on practically the whole day and not bog down. This compressor also has a roll cage to protect the motor that is nice and can come off easily to access the motor. Overall this Emglo I mean Dewalt works really well and I'm pleased with it.
Very Nice Unit
I had a Porter Cable pancake compressor and yes it did roll around in the back of my truck and had a real hard time maintaining pressure when under extreme load such as running my texture gun. I replaced the Porter Cable with the Dewalt and what a difference. Very stable during transport, looks real nice and several customers have commented on it. Best of all it seems to have lots of power and recharges very quickly. I can run my texture gun and it keeps up just fine. I mostly use it for my nail guns and I like the fact that it has two hose connections. It is a fairly hefty unit but it does carry nice due to it's shape.
Great Performance
Originally bought Dewalt D55155 to replace CH 2hp 4gal sidestack. Dewalt/Emglo designed this compressor around portability. It doesn't get any easier than this and weight is not an issue. I gave 4 stars because of the awkward accessibility to the tank's drain valve...there is very little room in the opening to not only grasp and turn the valve, but if the valve is opened too quickly, be prepared for full discharge of air. Another design area that could use improvement is the location of the two pegs/studs for stowage of electrical cord in order to move compressor. With cord wrapped around the two pegs, natural movement of compressor is to roll it onto it's side in order to pickup and carry with one hand. When cord is stowed it extends outside the compressor's frame therefore, when compressor is rotated onto it's side the wrapped cord comes into contact with the ground resulting in compressor bearing it's weight on cord. Outside of two design improvements, air compressor is a great performer.
Other tools
A lot of folks are rating this unit against nail guns. However, I use it primarily with other air tools including an impact wrench. I was a little worried about the 4 gallon reserve tank handling my impact wrench air volume which is the most common tool I use for odd jobs. But I can say it stands up very well to heavy use with other tools.

If you're looking for a product that can do it all, I would recommend this unit.

The only thing I can say is EMGLO! I have been using Emglo compressors for over 15 years years now in the Motion Picture Industry and on the outside and I never would settle for less. I was a little skeptical at first when I saw Dewalt and Emglo had merged to make a new line. I must say I prejudged and thought well there goes the dependability and quality of Emglo's Compressors. However I had a chance to use one and you know what, it was an Emglo all the way and I purchased this little powerhouse that I can even use a conventional spray gun on it. Great for locations instead of a wheelbarrow. Can handle two framing guns at once.
A very good compressor
I replaced my hotdog style oil-less compressor when the connecting rod decided to break....

While at the local hardware store I saw the DeWalt D55155 compressor and thought, "geez, you could not miss that compressor!" The bright yellow paint made this compressor stand out and then that's when I saw the name Emglo. I have had very good experience with Emglo and know their equipment is top notch.

DeWalt and Emglo have a winner. It has a 4 gallon tank, two connectors on the front, an easy to use regulator and gages that are protected by the heavy roll frame and face plate. This compressor also has a ball valve on the bottom of the tank for easy draining. Those "T" shaped valves always had the tops broken off and were hard to operate. This ball valave is also inside the frame as is every component of the compressor.

I have tossed it into the back of my truck along with other stuff and it has managed to live through just about everything I can toss at it. It also has a large handle on the front for carrying and it's big enough to get two hands on it. Or use the frame to carry it around. Does not seem that heavy (I think it weighs about 60 pounds).

The duty cycle is 100% according to their customer service department. Is this because of the synthetic oil (included)? I do not know. All I know it could easily handle the framing and roofing nailers I had connected to it. Changing oil? Easy. Do this once a year and you're good to go.

I also like the fact that it turns on at 100 and then off at about 125 psi. It takes about 10 seconds to go from 100 to 125 psi. I run a framing nailer and I need 100 psi all the time!

About the only thing I do not like about it is the circuit breaker. It's mounted inside the roll cage near the copper line running from the compressor to the tank. That line gets VERY hot and if you're not careful you'll get burned.

Some have complained it's loud. It might be, but, I put the compressor away from where I'm working so this is not an issue.

As with any compressor you have to keep the extension cords short. I use a 12 gage, 75 foot cord and it runs just fine. The voltage sag does not seem to bother it.

So, would I buy this compressor again if I had to? You bet!

NOT for everyone !!
Be realistic and really think about your needs in a compressor - because this one is meant for low-volume work.

Very well built with great fit and finish of every component.
Portable, the heft is managable for most tradesmen.
Easily satisfies demand for 1 framing nailer or 2 smaller guns.
Controls and drain valve are positioned well and work perfectly.

Too loud for use in a customer occupied home - OK for garage or outside.

Factory set pressure valve set to kick on compressor at 100psi and turn off at 120psi - which means that any fair amount of use will cause this sucker to go on-off-on-off-on-off almost constantly!

Bottom Line: DO NOT get this if you need a generous supply of air (for blow nozzles, production cabinetry, house framing, paint sprayers, etc..)

Go ahead and get one if you need a portable, professional quality, low-volume air supply (for continuous finish nailing or occasional large gun use)

This would be the perfect tool for a handyman who needs occassional yet reliable air from house to house.

I'd have given it 5 stars - but the factory sealed presets for powering on and off are way to close!

A pleasure to use
After putting a Porter-Cable pancake unit through its paces for two years, the unit developed an annoying tendancy to run continuously until it was manually shut off. The Porter-Cable service center recommended I continue to use the machine until it completely failed, as servicing it could be cost-prohibitive. Well, I managed to get the entire purchase price refunded, after two years of use, and immediately purchased the Dewalt 55155.
What a nice piece! It is very well constructed, runs smoothly, carries easily, and has plenty of capacity for any framing or finish tasks I've thrown at it. I'm willing to say that it runs quieter than the P-C pancake unit, but that may be because the P-C had some cylinder wear and blow-by issues. The only item I found could use more thought was the routing of the power cable from the switch box to the motor - somewhat vulnerable, yet still protected by the base of the unit. Oh, and the clean ball-valve drain set-up is a dream after the previous brass screw type that had a tendancy to seize.
No bad feelings about P-C products, the pancake compressor just gave up the ghost early and had to be replaced with a more capable unit - so far the Dewalt seems like a super piece.
awesome tool
I bought this compressor about 6 months ago and love everything about it. It doesn't roll around in the back of my truck or burn your hands when you touch the motor casing accidentally(because it's all encased). The two outlets are great for when two people are working at the same time... but it would be perfect if i could have two different pressures on the outlets (lower pressured pin nailer on one hose... higher pressured brad nailer on the other)... but don't get me wrong- this is still the best I have seen out there.
This is to second everything Curtis Cordwell says in his earlier review. He is right on in every detail of his positive description, including the couple of little details that could use improvement. But for its purpose, this hunk of metal is about as close to perfection as it gets. It is a heavy lugger of a unit, but you will be able to carry it one handed werever you need it within reason. Otherwise, get a longer hose. Bigger than it looks in the illustration online or in the catalog. Roll cage works well--behaves well in the back of the pickup and handles well on the floor, and it has good balance at the carry. Controls are intuitive, easy, highly visible. Ideal compressor for one or two people on cabinet, finish and trim work, or for any work-alone carpenter from framing to finish. Cycles quite a bit, but for its size and power that is reasonable. If you are going to work in the same room with it, carry ear protectors. It may not be as loud as some, but it is loud enough that ear protectors are a very good idea--especially for us vets with blown out ears. Very robust; will stand up to a lot of use. Never seen it overload a 15 amp circuit, even with other tools running intermittently on the same circuit--chop saw, battery chargers, circular saw, etc. I work alone a lot, and I have found that this is all the compressor I need. Barring any unfortunate accident, it should last me a long time. On the other hand, if I had a crew, I would not worry about this compressor's standing up to their abuse. Hate to give five stars, but this one earns them.
dewalt has never let me down
im a first time home owner and when i say my house needs work i know its an understatment.most of my tools are dewalt including a assortment of nailers and this compressor.its great!!never short on air supply,even when framing.roll cage protection is much nicer then old twin tank setup.ball drain never clogs,gage panel with two couplers is nice and well protected.as for noise,air compressors make noise but this unit is not bad,its a lot nicer on the ears then my 30 gallon unit.as for power usage,15 amp breaker is more then enough. the only thing that would make this unit more attractive would be wheels and a self-storing handle like porter cable offers on its single tank compressors,other then that i have no complants.
A nice small compressor
I bought this air compressor to do light construction work. I have used it for finish work all the way up to roofing and framing. I have to say that I was a little skeptical at first about using a small compressor for roofing or framing nailers but I was satisfied after the first time I used it. This compressor has impressed me more than most of my other tools. It runs smoothly and doesn't have to run that often. It recovers very quickly and is very user friendly. The controls are easy to find and use. I am able to carry it with one hand. I have ran the compressor off of 100 foot 12 gauge cord and haven't noticed any problems at all. I have a gas powered Emglo compressor and the quality is outstanding. The only downfall that I can find is that I think the power switch should be located on the front panel instead of on the side and thats just a personal preferance. Other than that it has been a really great compressor and I would recommend this compressor over any other in its class. It may cost a little more but you won't have to replace it like the other compressors.
roofer wayne
I used many compressors in 28 years of roofing. This is my 3rd emglow and 2nd dewalt. My first emglo lasted 12 years. My first dewalt is fine, I just needed another one because of expanding business. The only thing that was wrong with the first dewalt was the air regulator started leaking and had to be replaced. Other then that, it worked every day for two years so far,that with two or three roofing guns going which is like four framing guns and I did not notice it starving for air.This compressor is the best and durable for the Professional.
Wonderful Product
First let me say that if it is Dewalt, I want it! I purchased this compressor to use to fix my roof after the hurricanes this year and to build my new house in a few months. This unit is great! When they said it had a 15 second recovery time, they were not kidding. And it puts out the air. It is built well. It is a little heavy, but that is OK. It is also not too loud. Great product!
Best investment yet
I bought this in 2000 for my finish nailer and haven't had an issue yet. It works well with my framing nailer also. I even purchased a reconditioned unit and it has treated my well. It will not keep up with a blower attachment, but I did not expect that it would. I just use short blasts of air and let the unit catch back up if I want to dust something off. I framed a couple 10x12 sheds, and a couple of interior walls with it and it has no problem. Little heavy, but for long distances I have learned to grab the tank like a heavy piece of fire wood with the unit up to your chest and it is not bad. Draws 15 amps so do not use an extention cord unless it is 10 gage.(longer air hose is better)
I'm pleased with it and I've actually used it; A LOT.
I've had this for over a year now. Used it for brads, framing,
roofing, ratchet and just blowing off stuff. Works flawlessly. Quick pressure up from 0. A tad noisy, but what compressor isn't. I got it stuck in my shop under a fixed bench on the second shelf. 100 feet of hose to reach my driveway for rotating tires. This compressor drives 3+ inch nails no problem. Its so light I can pick it up with 1 hand. May not be the most powerful
in its size, but so what? I keep 2 lines connected all the time so I can use it for blowing off wood/sweeping the floor/dusting the shop/ or busting lugs on wheels, building frames, nailing up
trusses, installing subflooring, etc... etc.. But the kicker is I can pick it up an take it with me anywhere. Of course I have to mention the 1andonly dislike(thats the on/off-switch location). But that just me.
Regulator Problems
I have gone through 2 regulators all ready. A new one is on backorder. Do not buy this product if you intend to use it.
Good machine, but some packaging and assembly issues
Overall positive comments here and price led me to purchase the D55155. To my dissatisfaction, it arrived with a broken air filter and some loose items rolling around in the air tank. No, it wasn't the air filter parts, it was something metalic actually inside the closed tank! Amazon referred me to DeWalt who referred me to my local service center. DeWalt was nice enough to agree to send a replacement filter, but I returned the unit to Amazon because of the loose items in the tank.

Thanks to Amazon's incredibly fast and hassle-free process for returns, I had my replacement compressor less than a week later. Unfortunately, it too had a broken air filter. I think it's a design issue with the end of the filter rather close to the manifold - sharp jolts such as dropping the box could lead to contact. But since everything else was fine, I bought a filter locally (DeWalt's replacement has yet to arrive) for $10 and kept the compressor. Another surprise with the second shipment was the inclusion of oil, a dipstick, instructions to add oil, and a product manual. This was not in the first shipment and is REQUIRED before starting the unit which is something that as a first-time compressor buyer, I would not have known to do. Would have assumed it would ship with the oil in it.

Of course the point of all this is to let you the prospective buyer know that there could be a few headaches involved with getting this machine. An earlier poster cited the recent transfer of this fabrication to Mexico. That kind of transition can lead to inconsistencies in fabrication and packaging like I have experienced, but I'm hopeful that the core design and construction of the pump and tank is solid and I like the way the machine works so I'm keeping it.

I recommend this machine but please check over your unit carefully when it arrives and call DeWalt's parts center to get a free replacement filter if that's all you find wrong.
Solid Performer.
I am a general contractor who needed a better compressor to do small framing jobs and finish jobs on site. I have had very good luck with it. It will run my Senco 41XP finish nailer with very few cycles and never fails to set a nail. When using it with my framing gun you just need to not be too agressive with your shots but it will push you plenty fast. We have used it for roofing and it does need nelp with two guns, but will run one no problem. My only complaint is the weight of the unit pushing and pulling it into the bed of my truck, I wish it had wheels. My warranty is out so I think I will add some. Mine was a reconditioned unit and I have never experienced any problems and I use it, the larger tank does need to be drained regularly though, overall good compressor.
regulator problem
i also am having regulator problems with this unit.i am going on my 3rd
Perfect compressor for small jobs
This compressor will fill all your needs for small jobs on the worksite. It is flawless for air tools that do not require a large continuous flow of high pressure air. I've used it with a dewalt finishing nailer, brad nailer, air blower, porter cable gravity feed spray gun, and husky cut off wheel. Heavy use of my 4" grinder will cause the motor to be on constantly and air pressure will drop too low to power the grinder at usable rpms.
small to the larger jobs
the compressor is a little heavy, but workable. i can use it for multiple guns or a single trim gun.
Best light duty unit for the money
I concur with Mr. Paulson on all counts. Since I live in Tucson, the issue regarding the ice hasn't and probably won't come up. I purchased this unit after hearing from a number of my colleagues on how reliable it had been for them. But, as some of the other reviews have stated, this unit is not for heavy duty operation that would entail the use of spray guns, air sanders or all day feeding of multiple framing nailers. I too like the stability of the unit as well as the overall design and protection of some of the more fragile controls. I have since replaced this unit with a simular $210 Hitachi twin tank unit (3 stars) that has worked fine for over a year after this one disappeared off a job site. I would be willing to purchase this unit again if it came with a GPS chip, a junk yard dog or an employee that can keep an eye on it while on break.
Major quality control problems...
I have been using Dewalt products for a long time and have never had any problems -ever-. Naturally when it came time to get a new compressor, I decided to go for Dewalt as well.

Once the package arrived, the air filter was broken and the motor/compressor was not operating. The motor won't even turn, it is completely jammed. I considered this an oddity and processed a replacement from Amazon. To my surprise the second unit came with a broken air filter which completely boggles my mind as it is in a protected area and I can't see how this could be damaged during shipping. If it was the air filter only, I would have kept it, but the frame on this unit was completely twisted and the face place where the gages are on was completely warped out of shape.

I think I have had it with getting a Dewalt compressor... Needless to say I am very disappointed. I am very impressed by Amazon's customer service though, the sent the replacement unit 2nd day at Amazon's cost and they processed the returns very quickly.
leaky air compressor
used this air comporessor to place 500 sq feet of floor and began to leak. had to bring it 3 times to the dewalt service center before they agree that it leaked. I was given a replacement D55155 that began to leak again the first day. piece of junk.
Damaged poorly packaged
After looking a long time for a compressor to do trim work on my home, I decided to purchase the D55155 compressor. The first unit I recieved was damaged in transit, so I got a replacement. The second unit arrived with the motor frozed up. Needless to say that I was not pleased with the wasted time and energy. Amazon decided that they would not send me the third unit, to my surprise. Beware that when you buy this compressor you may have issue with the compressor being damaged or defective due to poorly / cardboard packaging inside the shipping box.
DeWalt D 55155
I use my compressor for light work on my auto and boat. It runs my air tools very well. The compresser came with a defective copper air line, DeWalt shipped a new one and I installed it. After a year or so of use the pressure switch started to leak. I repaired the switch by properly tightening the screw around the gasket.

I use DeWalt and Makita tools; Makita products are better.
Major quality control and service issues
I am a contractor and have had this compressor for three years. This is the worst compressor I have ever owned. I have had too many problems with this machine. The main problem is that the unit will not start up at the beginning of the day. It starts very slowly and pops the breaker about a dozen times before the motor reaches full speed (rpm), then it runs fine until it cools down and the problem starts again. I have had the regulator, cold start valve and check valve assembly replaced, but nothing has had any effect. I should have just replaced the compressor for the headache it's been. I've called Dewalt to try to find out the problem and they seem to be totally clueless. This just doesn't seem to be designed for continious use. If you want a professional quality machine try the Thomas T-2820.