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15 Amp 2 Horsepower 20 Gallon Oiled Wheeled Single Tank Compressor | Campbell Hausfeld VT6290
Campbell Hausfeld VT6290
$457.71 >> $409.99
by Campbell Hausfeld

Fully enclosed protective belt guard with "Directed" cooling fan.
5 HP Peak motor provides significant air flow. Operates on 120/240 volt service. Pre-wired for 120V.
Unique product design from the largest manufacturer of reliable and durable, single stage CAST IRON pumps in the USA
20 Gallon ASME code tank for tough jobs.
Rugged Cast Iron two cylinder pump provides up to 5,000 hours of extended life. Oil-Lubricated pump has a traditional design that is quieter and longer lasting.
From the Manufacturer
The VT6290, 2 Running HP, wired for household current delivers enough air power to tackle tough jobs. The 20 gallon horizontal ASME code tank is very portable and will not take up too much valuable real estate in the garage or on the job. The twin cylinder, oil lubricated, cast iron single stage pump runs quieter - so the compressor can be used in the same area that the work is taking place. Solid cast iron units are up to 35% quieter than aluminum units with cast iron cylinder sleeves, and dramatically quieter than direct drive aluminum compressors. These compressors are made in the US with a 3 year warranty.

Product Description
mfr: Campbell Hausfeld Air Products Campbell Hausfeld is a recognized leader in the home improvement and automotive industry. The company product line has expanded over the years to include a variety of tools and equipment designed to help do-it-yourselfers and professionals finish their jobs faster and easier. Campbell Hausfeld aims to offer leading edge products and solutions that exceed customer expectations.

SINGLE STAGE AIR COMPRESSOR. Single Stage Cast Iron Compressor5 HP Peak, 20 Gallon. This item can not be shipped to Puerto Rico.

Campbell Hausfeld VT6290 reviews (2)
VT6290 and FedEx
The manufacturer (25%) and FedEx (75%) are at fault for all the damage the unit received in transit. The box is too weak for such a heavy item. The box was busted on one side causing some of the content to spill outside (a tire and air filter). On top of that, FedEx delivered the box upside down, causing the discharge tube to bend, the air filter to separate from the pump, a busted pressure gauge and a bent handle bar. The FedEx people did not bother to collect a signature because they knew that anyone at home would have refused delivery of the unit in such a poor condition. So they just dropped (upside down) it and ran away.

The kind people at Campbell Hausfeld will send me all the damaged parts at no cost to fix it. I decided to get it fixed rather than return it because the box is not suitable for return shippping anymore and I am going on vacation in a week.

So I filled the ugly duckling with oil, did the 30 minute pump break in, and it worked very well. The tank takes around 4 minutes to fill up to 135 pounds of pressure. No breakers were tripped.
The compressor DOES NOT include oil. It takes 12 ounces of Mobil 1 10W-30 Synthetic oil. You need to get your own couplers and fittings. The air filter supplied causes the compressor to be kind of noisy. When I removed the filter, the noise level drops a few dbs. A motor start-up capacitor rattles inside a round enclosure attached to the motor itself. I wrapped it in insulating foam tape and the noise went away.

Except for the awful FedEx delivery, I am happy with the compressor. The people at Amazon really go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Free delivery, free air hose, no tax, and 10% off. Can't beat that.
Disclaimer: I do own Amazon.com stock
Might work if received undamaged.......and with oil...and a few fixes
I too had a shipping problem though with another carrier (ABF). The shipping box is flimsy and cannot adequately support nor protect the compressor and parts. Mine arrived with a broken regulator, pressure gauge and air-filter assembly all of which apparently snapped off during shipment with no visible exterior box damage.

As the other reviewer also mentioned the compressor does NOT come with oil so be sure to have SAE30 air-compressor oil ready when it arrives. The manual does indicate the usage of Mobil 1 synthetic 10W-30 too. Also, you will need to provide your choice of air outlet connector.

If it wasn't for the bad shipment packaging I'd say initially that the compressor is a good buy but if Campbell Hausfeld has so little regard to protecting their product in shipment to you I question the integrity of the machine itself. The better products all seem to have better packaging and this one ranks poorly and for that I give it 3 stars tops.

UPDATE 7/15: I am updating this review a full day after receiving and can add more to the trials and tribulations of purchasing a C-H compressor.

I was able to replace the broken regulator and gauge with a Home Depot Husky replacment for $17.99. The oil was another $3 (buy two pints as you need to replace the oil after 1 hour use). A 1/4" quick connect female added $4 as well. The air filter assembly is currently taped but working until I can get a replacment.

After replacing the parts and turning on to run for the 10 minute break-in period I was plagued with mutliple leaks. One leak occurred in the main pipeline to tank (seal was improperly installed), another in the undamaged tank pressure gauge (somone missed adding teflon tape) and the third in the pressure tubing to the cutoff switch (not tightened). All in all if you include travel time to Home Depot nearly 2-1/2 hours were spent just getting the compressor to work only to discover that there is a leak at weld where the pump mount attaches to the tank.

On the plus side is the quietness and the nicely powered 120/240v motor. Do watch r gauge of wire (use 12ga min.) if using an extension cable as this compressor does draw a load when starting.

IMHO I wouldn't order a product like this if you need it for an immediate job as it will take to either repair yourself or to return and await a replacement. I have not heard back from Amazon Customer Service as yet and I am still pondering exchanging or flat out returning the item while waiting for Amazon to consider what avenue of resolution to pursue. I needed this compressor to replace my dead one and ordered it to coincide with my time at home as I could not expect my wife to unload it. I replaced the parts so that I could at least have use during the upcoming week off.

To Amazon: it is just as important for you to insure that your customer will receive a product undamaged and to that end I lay partial blame on you for not checking product quality and packaging. It is now my decision that I will be returning this item.